Does L-3 Communications Hire Felons?

L3 communications, who is now known as L3 Harris Technologies an American company that supplied communication, security and navigation products. They have a minimum of 4 business segments, electronic systems, aerospace systems, communication systems, and sensor systems.

Does L3 Harris hire felons? If they don’t they should. Just because a person is a felon doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance to be better. Felons have to recover from bad choices just like anyone else does.

About L3 Harris Technologies

Their primary focus is to provide military communications and defense electronics. They are based out of Melbourne, Florida. They possess a wealth of technologies and an engaged workforce.

L3 Harris was founded in 1997 by Frank Lanza and Robert LaPenta and the Lehman Brothers. Over the years through mergers and acquisitions the company has become one of the largest U.S. government contractors. In December 2016 the company changed its name from L3 communications to L3 Technologies. In 2019 L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation merged renaming the company yet again to L3 Harris Technologies.

L3 Harris Technologies have over 38,000 employees. The company is on target to become the 6th largest defense contractor. Their growth is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

L3 Harris Technologies offers their employees paid time off, 401K and health benefits. Health benefit plans are competitive. They are offered paid holidays and vacation time as their paid time off.

There are many mixed reviews and opinions on what employees like about working for L3 Harris. Many employees like the benefit packages and the friendly environment. The one complaint many people had was not being able to use their paid time off.

Does L3 Harris Hire Felons

Recent research has found that L3 Harris does not hire felons. Mainly because of the nature of their business. It could also be because of the security clearance needed to work for the company.

Due to government contracts for security and defense, L3 Harris does not employ Felons. Employees of L3 Harris need a high-level security clearance so an in-depth background check is performed during the hiring and interview process.

Does L3 Harris Do Background Checks

Yes, they do background checks. Their government security and defense contracts require it. Employees of L3 Harris work with sensitive information and they need a security clearance. So L3 Harris does extensive background checks.

How far back they go is unknown at this time. They do drug screening as well prior to employment. There is a lot of risk on the company so they try to make sure they hire good people.

Careers at L3 Harris

Many of the careers available at L3 Harris are highly skilled positions. The qualifications that are required of many of the jobs are high with bachelor degrees and many years of experience required. Some of the common jobs at L3 Harris are Aircraft Mechanic, a Systems Engineer and a Software Engineer.

Aircraft Mechanic

Perform major and minor structural modifications. Engine run tests, upholstery inspections, hangar maintenance, aircraft servicing and more are performed under this job title.

Systems Engineer

This position must be able to provide team leadership. Must support front end business development and be able to prepare system requirements. Must be able to develop technical and architectural designs.

Software Engineer

Software development, ensure products and projects are delivered on time. Proven technical expertise and leadership during software integration.

Assembly Technician

These teams are the foundation of the L3 Harris production facility. Assemble, tune and troubleshoot complex electromechanical assemblies. Must have an excellent understanding of technical drawings and schematics. This position requires 2 years of experience in the mechanical or electronics field and a degree or certificate as a mechanical or electrical technician.

Order Management Support

A shipping/receiving clerk position. Performs manual and clerical duties. Receives incoming materials and prepares materials for shipping. This position does require security clearance as many of the positions at L3 Harris does.

Application Process at L3 Harris

The L3 Harris application process can be lengthy. You can go to and search for open positions. You can start the application and screening process.

Due to the nature of their business, there is a background check process and a security clearance process that you will have to go through. If offered employment there is also a drug screen process you will go through.

In order to pass the security clearance, you will need to be felony free. L3 Harris needs to have these security clearances for its defense contracts with the U.S. government. So before you apply with L3 Harris and go through all of the security checks and background checks be sure you haven’t been in trouble that will cause you to fail the checks.

Unfortunately, the only way to apply with L3 Harris is to apply online and start the process there. You can contact their human resources department via phone to ask questions or settle any confusion that you may have.

The application process at L3 Harris is not a quick process. It can take time due to the fact that you must apply online and wait for responses. The background and security clearances are also a time-consuming process. So it’s best to be prepared to spend time with phone conversations, emailing and even doing video conferences.

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