Does H&P Drilling Hire Felons?

In a way, the rehabilitation of former felons may be largely unattainable without the cooperative efforts of the government and the society as a whole.

Private employers are in a position to help with this social problem. By not barring the chance of applicants with criminal histories for prospective employment, they help them find their place in the society and become fully functional citizens again.


H&P Drilling (Helmerich & Payne) is a land drilling contractor based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It works primarily on petroleum well drilling for exploration and production companies throughout the world.

Walt Helmerich II was a barnstormer with entrepreneurial spirit and Bill Payne was a microbiologist. Together in 1920, they built the oil and gas drilling company which still bears their names.

H&P Drilling is one of the Fortune 500 companies and is an active land driller in the US. It also operates offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and in North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

The benefits offered by H&M Company are the standard ones: life insurance and disability plan, a tax-reducing healthcare and dependent care flexible spending account, educational assistance plan and others.

Former employees rated the H&P Drilling as a quality and safety-oriented company. But the nature of work in this industry generally requires long hours, travel and hard work.

Do Felons Get Hired At H&P DRILLING?

The oilfield business is one of those labor areas that former felons may look to for jobs. It may also be possible to get promoted in the company by working your way up.

H&P Drilling is an equal opportunity employer, and the company may just have to live with this policy because of the nature of the land drilling industry itself.

There is a large probability that the skills of a prospective employee, and not his criminal history, would matter more to the company when applying for any position in its field operations, both local and abroad.

During recruitment however, the HR may still consider the nature and degree of a past conviction for a misdemeanor or felony. If the nature of the offense relates with the job applied for, employment for that particular position may unlikely.

Application Process At H&P DRILLING

The company website update its career section with job postings in both its US and foreign offshore operations. You may have to create a LinkedIn account if you want to apply online. The standard hiring process goes as follows:

  • Online application, personal submission of resume at any field office or application through job fairs
  • Processing for at least 2 weeks with online application
  • Processing within at least 3 days if application was submitted by referral
  • Interview with the operations supervisor or recruiter
  • Physical evaluation and drug screening
  • Job offer
  • Three-day or more classes on safety procedures, policies, rules and regulations

Tips When Applying For Job At H&P DRILLING

If the position you’re applying for is in H&P’s field operations, it is quite commonplace that the hiring manager would choose candidates with the most relevant skills and experience.

Research about the job you’re applying for. Just because it is labor-intensive and requires a roughneck’s gut, it does not guarantee the employability of just anyone, especially if it does not relate well with your set of skills.

If you are really interested about working in the oilrig industry, then take a short course to learn more. The H&P Drilling is a large company, and an applicant may need both knowledge and training on safety standards and practices.

Former felons may not have to worry if their criminal records showed up in the background check. Skills, values and character of the candidate are more important, so make sure that these factors stand out in your overall bearing.


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