Does Pilot Flying J Hire Felons?

After incarceration, a felon’s transition into the stream of society is usually a difficult process. What make it worse are the social barriers that some sectors of the society put up with their prejudices.

Transcending these biases may not only help ex-convicts with their sustenance; finding useful employment may also keep them from being repeat offenders.

About Pilot Flying J

Based in Tennessee, Pilot Flying J (Pilot Travel Centers LLC) is an American company that operates a chain of truck stops, convenience stores, petroleum and restaurants in US and Canada.

Its predecessor – the Pilot Corporation – was founded by James Haslam II in 1958. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Pilot Flying J became a large company that operates in areas of food, travel and fuel.

In 2015, Pilot Flying J was #8 in Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private companies. It owns the largest chain of over-the-road diesel fuels and travels centers; it employs over 24,000 employees in US and North America.

The company offers health and wellness, savings plans and paid time off benefits for both part-time and full-time employees. Trainings and opportunities for advancement are also provided.

For former employees, long hours of work and peak hours at Pilot Flying J may tend to burn out. But the weekly pay and flexible schedule compensate just right.

Does Pilot Flying J Hires Felons

There are numerous accounts of people telling that most jobs at Pilot Flying J are actually “felon-friendly”. These are entry level jobs in various settings such as driving, truck stop, convenience stores and maintenance.

Not that the company is actively looking out for former law offenders, but the potential to getting employed is common in this industry. It provides anyone the opportunity to make use of their skills and build their career.

Nevertheless, it is the right of employers to exercise their management prerogatives in selecting the right ones for the job. One’s criminal history may be a basis for denial if the nature of the offense is related with the job.

If the background check reported a theft conviction in your record just months ago, excluding you from being considered to a cashier position would be valid.

Application Process At Pilot Flying J

Applying for hourly jobs is a great way to start with Pilot Flying J. Vacant positions and job events are posted regularly through the company website; you may also apply in person at a local travel center:

  • Create a profile and submit your resume
  • Complete the assessment
  • Review of credentials may take up to a month
  • May call you for initial interview by telephone, Web cam or traditional in-person depending on the role, location and timeliness of the availability of position
  • Panel interview (Second interview usually occurs in campus or job events hiring)
  • Job offer

Tips To Apply At Pilot Flying J

For former felons, the most important thing is not to deny or conceal the fact of your conviction in any manner during the application process. Of course, you don’t have to voluntary mention about it if not asked.

Even if it’s merely a light state offense or misdemeanor, it appears in background checks most of the time. The employer may find your act of supplying false information as a good reason to automatically toss aside your application.

Whether it’s a clerical, managerial or skilled labor you’re applying for, Pilot Flying J will be looking out for self-motivated individuals who had at least a little knowledge about the industry. The key is to emphasize your strengths on these points.


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