Does Cintas Hire Felons?

Cintas leads their industry in providing uniforms, logo mats, restroom supplies, and promotional products. They also produce first and safety products as well.

Felons and criminals should all have a chance at getting work. Having employment gives a rehabilitated felon a better chance at leading a successful life. A job promotes goals and dreams, and promotes people working towards a greater goal.

About Cintas

Cintas is a leader in the uniform industry, and they also do industrial tile and carpet cleaning. Their mission is exceed customer expectations, and they strive to produce quality products throughout the world.

The company was founded in 1968. While they focus on the uniform industry, their diversity allows them to excel in other areas as well.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, they now have 400 offices throughout the United States. They have recently received a couple different awards, including: Diversity Plus magazine included Cintas in their Top 30 Champions of Diversity ranking, and they were listed among GI Jobs’ Top Military-Friendly Employers every year since 2005.

Cintas offers a good benefit package. Their benefits include medical coverage, a company matched retirement plan, and vacation time.

Employees generally like working at Cintas. One of the primary reasons is they offer good salaries and benefits to all employees.

Does Cintas Hire Felons?

Yes, in a lot of cases, Cintas will hire felons. They look at things like how many felons and how long ago the crime was committed. If it was one felony and it was a long time ago, there’s a decent chance Cintas won’t hold it against you.

Cintas is known to be accepting of people with a criminal background. Take a chance with them, prepare your application, and be ready to be honest during the hiring process.

Does Cintas run background checks?

Yes, Cintas runs a standard background check on employees.  Depending on the job, they might run some extra background checks like asking for a driving history.

While Cintas will use background checks as part of the application process, it’s best to be honest throughout the hiring process. Hiding the felony will come out during the background check, and you’ll earn more points by being honest than by trying to hide it.

Careers at Cintas

Cintas as a lot of different career options. Here are some entry level possibilities at Cintas.

Maintenance Technician: In this role you’ll assist with repairing, maintaining, installing and troubleshooting industrial equipment, systems and components such as washers, dryers, steam tunnels, conveyor systems and boilers.

Truck Mechanic: This role includes the following duties – moving trucks at the facility or vendor; providing on-site repairs of company vans, as well as gasoline and diesel trucks, including: oil and fluid changes, tune-ups and major service repairs; and state and Department of Transportation compliance inspections.

Picker: In this role, you’ll process orders in accordance with customer requests and match correct garments to customer orders.

Custodian: As a custodian, you’ll be in charge of cleaning the interior and exterior of the facility.

Garment Processor: In this job, you’ll be inspecting garments and trim items for correct color, scripting, size and quantity; applying emblems, ID tapes, barcodes, and/or other trims; cutting, sewing and hemming garments as required.

Application Process at Cintas

Start on the Cintas website. The hiring process is explained in detail online. Just pick a job you are qualified for, and start by uploading your resume.

You’re going to want to be open and honest about your past during any job application. The hiring team is going to be impressed with your candor, and that could make up for the mistake on your record. Any background check is going to uncover your felony, so be upfront about it.

During an interview, it’s best to not hide anything. Take responsibility for your mistake, and explain how getting a job with Cintas will really help you move forward and contribute positively to society.

To be successful at Cintas, work hard and show you can work with teammates. Show them that you’re willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

When you are writing your resume, make sure to highlight all skills that you have. You might not have experience in that particular area, but you probably have some skills that translate.

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