Does Circle K Hire Felons?

People often discriminate against felons, even those who have finished their sentences. They often don’t see the difficulties of the felons back in normal society.

To begin a new life within the community, an ex-felon would need a job. Being employed will provide stability and help in rebuilding their life.

About Circle K

Circle K is a well-known chain of convenience stores. They sell a wide variety of products, such as the exclusive Premium Circle K Coffee and the Polar Pop drinks.

The first Circle K store was established in 1951 in El Paso, Texas. Fred Hervey purchased three shops called Kay’s Food Stores, which would be the start of Circle K.

Circle K has presence from the East to West Coast, having over 8,000 locations. It also has branches in Canada and Europe, with franchises in Asia and Latin America.

Employees with Circle K are offered competitive salaries, dental, health, and savings plans. Employees are also given paid vacation and holiday leaves.

Circle K fosters a working environment that values high performance and initiative. Employees are encouraged to pursue both professional and personal goals.

Does Circle K Hire Felons?

Unfortunately, it would seem that Circle K does not hire applicants who have been convicted of felonies. Based on our research, both applicants and employees of the company have noted this stance.

From several online sources, it was determined that Circle K does strict background checks on all its potential employees. It is said that the company is rather strict with regards to this matter.

However, since Circle K has over 8,000 locations, the policies may vary slightly with each location. Ex-felons may try to apply as some managers may be more inclined to listen with an open mind.

Applicants with slight misdemeanors are considered, but there is no guarantee that Circle K will employ them as well. This is still under the prerogative of the hiring managers.

Application Process At Circle K

Circle K, a popular chain of convenience stores, has branches in nearly all of the US 50 states. Its offerings include both corporate and retail branch positions.

  • Resumes can be submitted online or in person at the Circle K branch.
  • Recruitment officers will reach out within two days to inform the applicant of their status.
  • The interview can be conducted through a phone call or personally with the hiring manager.
  • For upper-level applicants, the interviews also range from panel interviews and one-on-one meetings with managers.
  • The hiring officers will be able to offer the job immediately, or opt to inform you of a scheduled decision.

Tips To Apply At Circle K

Remember to bring a copy of the resume sent to the hiring officers. If required, bring a filled-out version of the application form as well.

Wear an attire that is appropriate for the position. First impressions are based on looks, so project a confident and capable image through your business attire.

While Circle K does not hire ex-felons, it is worth a try especially when you get to the interview stage. Answer questions honestly and completely, emphasizing on strengths and capabilities.

Make sure to learn the values that the company emulates. Common interview questions include assessing team skills, willingness to adapt, and future plans for growth and development.

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