Does Chrysler Hire Felons?

Chrysler is a car manufacturer headquartered in Michigan.  It has a long and diverse history of making vehicles around the world.

Felons who have served their sentences have difficulty finding work.  Employers overlook them even though the felon has served their time.  To deny a felon work is extra punishment.  They have earned a fresh start.

About Chrysler

Chrysler is one of the largest car manufacturers in the United States.  Chrysler is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, LLC.  They also build Ram, Dodge, and Jeep.

Walter Chrysler founded the company in 1925.  Over the years Chrysler has bought and sold several other car makers.

Chrysler has received many awards throughout its history.  These include the 2019 Top Safety Pick, 2017 U.S. News Best Cars for the Money, and Ward’s 10 Best Engines.  Chrysler has locations around the world.  They employ over 40,000 people in the United States alone.

Chrysler offers health, dental, and vision benefits.  They can receive discounts for gyms and other wellness incentives.  Chrysler will also provide 401(k) matching.  Employees can also use vehicle discounts when buying or leasing from Chrysler.

Chrysler employees have praised the pay as being fair.  They also like the benefits and co-workers.  Some former employees have said that the experience they gained at Chrysler prepared them for other jobs.

Does Chrysler Hire Felons?

Yes!  For example, felons received priority for jobs at a new plant that opened in Detroit.  In this case, Chrysler and the mayor of Detroit partnered to employee locals, veterans, and felons.

This is a strong sign that Chrysler is willing to hire felons in other locations as well.  This provides felons with many locations and positions to apply for.

Does Chrysler Run Background Checks?

Chrysler does run background checks.  They aren’t just looking for a criminal record, though.  Background checks are also used to verify identity, credit history, and educational background.

It can be difficult to know why your application wasn’t selected.  Make sure the application is accurate regarding these other areas.  Criminal records are not the only thing a background check will identify.

Careers at Chrysler

Chrysler is a huge company with many different types of jobs in many states.  Being able to move for work will also increase your chances at landing a job.

Warehouse Employee- Keeping dealerships supplied is the focus of this job.  This includes using heavy machinery to load and unload items.  Working weekends and second shifts is typical of this job.

Electrician- The electrician is responsible for keeping all the machinery working and the lights running at the plants.  Proper certification is required.  Experience is a huge bonus.

Pipefitter- Just like the electricians, Chrysler hires pipefitters to maintain the plumbing for their facilities.  Chrysler accepts apprentices for these positions.

Temporary Endurance Driver- Chrysler is looking for people with a driver’s license that can drive different types of vehicles.  These drivers perform and record testing on vehicles.  You need to be able to use a stick shift.

Photographer- Chrysler needs photographers to capture events during car testing.  Experience can replace a degree in photography.  A photographer with a basic understanding of cars is a bonus.

Application Process at Chrysler

To get started, take a look at Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s career page.  From there you can search by job title or location.  The map view is a very handy feature, showing jobs by location.  Do your homework in the city you are trying to find work.  Like in Detroit, Chrysler may create other programs designed to hire felons.

Don’t lie on your application.  Chrysler will have the resources to conduct a thorough background check.  Remember that criminal history is not the only area that is screened!

Focus on your strengths.  If the job requires a certification you don’t have it’s probably a waste of time to apply.  However, pay attention to the qualifications.  Some certifications can be replaced with relevant experience.

Be patient.  Reviews from Chrysler employees state that they waited for up to two months before hearing back.  Medical examinations, physicals, or written exams could follow a successful interview.

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