Does Trader Joes Hire Felons?

Trader Joe’s was established in 1967 in Pasadena, California, but has humble roots as a convenience store. They made the switch in order to reflect changing consumer demographics in the United States.

They are your neighborhood grocery store chain and a valuable opportunity for employment – which is an important step towards a sense of normalcy after a felony charge.

About Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has established themselves as a neighborhood grocery chain with a heavy emphasis on value and providing the highest quality products.

Trader Joe’s predecessor, Pronto Markets convenience stores, were established in 1958 around Los Angeles. When this format didn’t make as much sense with their customer demographic, they made the change.

Today, they have 488 stores in 41 states with plans to expand. They are frequently given awards regarding the employee experience and quality of products.

Their full-time employee benefits may include a store discount, a retirement plan, low-cost health insurance, paid time off, and above-average pay.

Trader Joe’s tries not to pigeonhole their employees into one specific career path. People like working here because of the numerous opportunities for advancement and recognition.

Does Trader Joe’s Hire Felons?

The Trader Joe’s employment application does not specifically ask for felony history. Their website states that they will not automatically disqualify anyone from working there based on a prior conviction.

Because your job is customer-facing, certain felonies may significantly hurt your chances of being hired such as violent crimes or theft.

Does Trader Joe’s Run Background Checks?

Trader Joe’s does not run a typical background check on its employees; however, your state of employment may request one.

Every hiring manager is different. You should be prepared to undergo a background check regardless of state, since some jobs and salary brackets may require one.

Careers At Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is expanding rapidly across the U.S. and emphasizes promotion from within the company, so you are sure to find a career path that works for you. These careers may include:

Crew Member: you might work cash registers, receive and unload deliveries, stock shelves, build displays, clean the store, or answer customer questions.

Merchant: they are exclusively promoted from Crew Members. They are asked to do the same tasks as a Crew Member, but also set an example for how the work should be done.

Mate: these are store leaders who provide direction and training to the Crew; their goal is to work with the Crew to ensure they are all working efficiently.

Captain: this is the leader of the store promoted from within. They direct strategy, help develop the Crew, and optimize their day-to-day processes while promoting a positive shopping experience.

No matter the position, you and your staff are expected to emphasize the customer shopping experience to make it fun, friendly, and informative.

Application Process At Trader Joe’s

The Trader Joe’s careers website explains its available jobs, the application process, as well as frequently asked questions about working there.

The application can be submitted online, but some stores will accept an application in person. Promotions are performance-based so there are plenty of opportunities to advance.

If your resume has a red flag such as a career change or an employment gap due to incarceration, be prepared to provide an explanation and be able to justify your skills.

Before applying for a job, proof your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes and make sure it is easy to read. If applying in person, print multiple copies and dress professionally.

A successful employee at Trader Joe’s will be customer service-focused, willing to take on new responsibilities and opportunities, and ready to be judged based on performance.

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