Can Felons Travel To Guatemala?

Guatemala is a great place to visit because of its rich history and beautiful scenery. Anyone who wants to experience the perfect vacation should definitely visit this place.

Some ex-convicts also wish to go to Guatemala to rest before going starting to rebuild their lives. However, their incarceration history will make it difficult for them to travel due to security measures imposed.

Travel Restrictions

According to the US Department of State’s website, once a felon finishes his sentence, he must still serve his probation period and report to the probation officer in charge of his case. During probation, a felon is not allowed to go outside the district he lives in.

This makes going out of state and international quite difficult, but not impossible. Upon completing the probationary period, the former felon can legally travel to foreign countries, but the processes and restrictions are quite stiffer than those of the average citizen.

Once freed, traveling to anywhere in the world becomes possible again. The first thing that a felon should do is to get a passport.

Getting a passport can be difficult if the felon has been charged with drug trafficking, treason, or if he is still liable to paying for child support.

Having pending legal charges can also harm a passport application. This is because leaving the US, regardless if it is just for a short while, is seen in the eyes of the court as an illegal attempt to prevent prosecution.

Reasons To Travel To Guatemala

Tourists flock to Guatemala because of its tropical climate and rich history. This Central American country also boasts many natural and man-made wonders.

Guatemala’s temperature is tropical despite being way above sea level. There are, however, periods of constant rain from May to November.

Guatemala is the home of the colonial city of Antigua. The country is also home of ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization.

Families should support a felon’s decision to travel to Guatemala. He will need time to recharge before he is able to restart his life.

Requirements To Enter Guatemala

Traveling to Guatemala is not difficult. One of the possible complications that may prevent a felon from traveling is an outstanding felony warrant.

Another potential but unlikely issue that may come up is if the felon’s name is on the no fly list. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) keeps this list.

The no fly list typically includes the names of potential terrorists and drug smugglers. At any given time, there are only 3,500 names on the no fly list. Therefore, the chances of being in this list is slim.

Traveling by ship is a popular way of traveling to Guatemala. Open and close loop cruises are available all year round.

Closed loop cruises begin and end in the same port in the US, whereas open cruises can start and end in any port city location.

In both types of cruises, it is best to present a passport, so ensure that the passport and another form of identification of US citizenship like a birth certificate is brought.

Are you going to Guatemala to unwind? For business? To meet up with family? Does your current situation allow you to travel abroad? Regardless, Guatemala is a fantastic place to be at one with nature and find peace.

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