Can Felons Travel To France?

France is the syllabication of culture and beauty, opulence and antiquity. Simply said, no one leave this destination in one’s tour of Europe and return home feeling complete.

France border control coheres with the Schengen rules, and one’s criminal record is usually not a concern within the Schengen area. Exception may be had with some types of offenses as most European countries join the watch against child trafficking and drug smuggling.

Travel Restrictions

Even if a US applicant is not one with a conviction for a felony or misdemeanor, the State Department has the all the latitude to decide if he may travel or not.

Your passport may be refused if, for instance, it is deemed that you may cause serious damage to the national security or foreign policy of the US government.

Conviction for sex offenses, drug trafficking and other drug-related crimes are grounds for ineligibility to travel. This includes a conviction in the state level for a misdemeanor such as possession, use and distribution of controlled substances.

Being the subject of an ongoing prosecution for a felony charge or grand jury investigation as well as any warrant of arrest or request for extradition from a foreign government will definitely hold you from travelling.

Other restrictions include a seriously delinquent tax debt, an outstanding child support arrears of over $2500 or a federal loan for assistance from imprisonment abroad.

Reasons To Travel To France

France is always an ideal place whether you’re planning a trip with the family, a honeymoon, a love anniversary celebration or if you’re simply going for a tour.

No place is perhaps more popular than the Eiffel tower which Paris is famous for. The Louvre Museum, the Gothic churches, the street monuments and statutes you see around will disperse the idea that Paris is nothing but the tower.

Remnants of the medieval age are breathing in Strasbourg, a two-hour train ride away from the city. Here you can see an old city with tapered streets, a basilica with an astronomical clock, canals and half-framed houses.

Requirements To Enter France

France is a party to the Schengen agreement. This means that you have to ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the anticipated date of exit from any Schengen area.

No particular restrictions are imposed against visitors with criminal records. The following, however, must be stringently complied with when traveling to or crossing to France from any other European country:

  • Passport validity of at least three months during your stay (Six-month validity is recommended)
  • No tourist visa is required for US citizens whose visits are up to 90 days whether for tourist or business purposes
  • Currency restrictions for both entry and exit are 10,000 Euro Max (Otherwise, monetary instruments of more than that amount must be declared)
  • Proof of sufficient funds for intended stay
  • Return or onward airline ticket
  • For unaccompanied minors under 18, prepare own I.D., a copy of parent or guardian’s I.D., and a duly-executed Autorisation De Sortie Du Territoire (AST) form or Form No. 15656*01
  • Prepare a photocopy of your passport for facilitation of replacement in case passport is lost

Do you consider yourself to be in a situation which may hinder your plan of traveling abroad? What is your purpose in going to France?

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