Does C.R. England Hire Felons?

Society puts its offending members in prison so to punish them and to let them reflect on the damage they did to themselves and to other people. Inmates do their time as a fitting punishment for their actions.

However, the time they leave prison is the time when they can allow themselves to apply all they have learned so they can be productive members of society. Being set free from prison should give ex-convicts the opportunity to seek job opportunities so they can live normal lives.

About C.R. England

C.R. England is a famous trucking company in the United States. Also considered one of the most reliable, it serves customers across North America.

The company was established in 1920 after Chester Rodney England bought his first delivery truck which he used to deliver goods across the country.

Today, the company is the largest refrigerated transportation carrier in the world. Services include supply chain management and truckload services.

Employees who work for C.R. England commend the competitive salary, health benefits, and retirement plans as just some of the benefits they receive from the company.

Many have stayed with the company because it provides them with a stable and reliable job. In addition, workers also cite the company’s treatment of employees as a reason for staying.

Does C.R. England Hire Felons

Accounts from former and current employees, as well as research gathered over the past five years have agreed that C.R. England does not discriminate in who they hire. This means that they entertain applicants who are ex-convicts.

However, C.R. England does run serious background checks. What matters to a lot of hiring managers at C.R. England is the felony charge more than the time spent in jail. The more serious the case, the less likely hiring managers will consider an ex-convict for a specific job opening.

The time spent in prison plays little in the decision making process of hiring managers. It is more of what a person did than the time spent in prison that matters.

Former convicts are usually allowed to apply for entry-level jobs. Managerial positions are only open to well-experienced employees. 

Application Process At C.R. England

Word of mouth coming from current employees is what is used most often by hiring managers.

  • If a person does not know anyone from C.R. England, they should present their application in person, although an online option is also available at
  • Once an applicant submits a resume, the hiring manager will assess the application and call the applicant to schedule an interview.
  • In the interview, a pleasing personality, honesty, and a desire to work in customer service should be seen by the hiring manager.

Tips For Applying At C.R. England

When submitting a resume, ex-convicts should include their history of incarceration.

It is never a good idea to lie about incarceration history because C.R. England has ways of finding out if an applicant is lying. They conduct background checks to ensure that the applicant is presenting complete and honest information.

An ex-convict’s incarceration history is surely going to be asked by the hiring manager. The best thing to do when asked is to answer honestly and professionally.

It is important that an applicant highlights things that he or she learned while in prison, and then relate those learnings to how he or she can be a great asset to C.R. England.

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