Does Chick-fil-A Hire Felons?

Life can be difficult for felons who have just completed their sentence. They are expected to jump right back into their lifestyle as if nothing has happened.

One important aspect in a person’s life is their employment. These ex-convicts would need to secure a job in order to continue living independently.

About Chik-fil-A

Chik-fil-A is best known for their chicken sandwiches. Other prominent dishes are chicken nuggets, chicken wraps, and chicken strips. Chik-fil-A also serves salads, sides, and dessert alongside their meals.

Truett Cathy opened the first Chik-fil-A restaurant in 1967. He was the owner of a diner called “The Dwarf Grill”, which was the source of his success.

Chik-fil-A has over 2,000 outlets, with new ones opening nearly every week. It is present in almost all states, bringing the Southern experience to their customers.

Employee benefits at Chik-fil-A can include retirement plans and health insurance. Additional perks such as restaurant discounts and scholarship opportunities are also available.

While most Chik-fil-A employees have described the work as hectic, their experiences have been primarily good. The core values of the company help foster a welcoming environment.

Does Chik-fil-A Hire Felons?

According to our research, Chik-fil-A does hire felons. It is known to be a company that accepts the applications of ex-convicts. This policy seems to be consistent for all of their locations.

A source states that Chik-fil-A requires a clean slate for the last seven years. This means that the applicant should have no recorded felonies or misdemeanors within those years.

Based on current accounts, Chik-fil-A does not discriminate on the roles given to ex-felons. They can be hired for various positions within the establishment. This decision is subject to the discretion of the hiring managers.

While this is the company policy, the applicant should keep in mind that the hiring managers may also have personal judgements and beliefs. This could affect the chances of getting hired.

Application Process At Chik-fil-A

Chik-fil-A requires applicants to be at least 16 years old. There are plenty of positions available, including cashier, cook, delivery driver, kitchen staff member, managers, and supervisors.

  • First, go to the Chik-fil-A branch where the applicant would like to work. Note that Chik-fil-A stores are closed on Sundays and do not operate 24 hours a day.
  • Next, ask the managers if they are hiring, or are open to accept applications.
  • The manager should be able to give an application form if they are hiring. Some applicants have been interviewed immediately after they fill out the form.
  • The hiring staff will then give feedback regarding the application. They may offer the job immediately or opt to call instead.

Tips To Apply At Chik-fil-A

Chik-fil-A stores often post openings on job search websites, so be on the lookout for such posts. However, there is no online application, so the applicant must go to the branch of their choice.

Make sure to dress appropriately when attempting to apply. This tip should be strongly considered by ex-felons as it is extremely important to make a good impression on the staff.

As the case in most restaurants, it is best to avoid the peak hours of lunch and dinner when applying. Arrive during off-hours to increase the chances of speaking with a calm manager.

During interviews, always be honest and direct. Lying about the felony will only make the employers lose their trust in you. Be straightforward about the incident, and express your sincerity in wanting to change.

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