Can Felons Travel To Belize?

The mysterious Blue Giant Hole that captures the imagination of many is located in the east coast of Central America. If you are one curious traveller, then Belize should be next in your travel plans.

Sometimes, ex-convicts are classified into a different citizen category especially when they enter into terrorist-prone countries.  But in destinations like Belize, there is barely such a thing.

Travel Restrictions

A felon can travel abroad like any other citizens. However, if the conviction is for a drug trafficking offense, then he definitely cannot.

The supervised release of an inmate does not guarantee his freedom to travel if it is proscribed as a condition in his probation or parole.

The State Department may also revoke the passport of anyone convicted of a drug-related felony arising under the bank secrecy laws or money laundering laws.

Seriously delinquent tax debts may also hold one back from going out of the country. By serious, it means an unpaid federal tax of an amount beyond $50,000.

Other debts include child support in arrears of more than $2500. Proof of payment with the child support agency must be presented before you are allowed to travel.

Anyone’s passport maybe invalidated if it is used for travel to restricted areas. It could be in countries where the US is at war or where an armed conflict is ongoing.

Reasons To Travel To Belize

Originally known to be the British Honduras, Belize is a hodgepodge of various cultures and languages. American travelers will find it easy to move around because Belize is the only English-speaking Latin Country in the continent.

Thousands of people visit the country because Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. What adds to this attraction is the famous Blue Hole, which is believed to be the earth’s largest hole.

Snorkeling and diving in its clear Caribbean waters is made more exciting by the presence of over 200 fascinating “cayes” or islands.

For travelers who want to take a break from beaches and other water-based recreations, walking through the lush jungle to visit the Mayan temple sites and the jaguar preserve in Belize offers a new experience.

Requirements To Enter Belize

There is no particular restriction issued by the Belize government against ex-convicts who wishes to travel to Belize. Nonetheless, the US Embassy advises any US citizen to secure the necessary documents when entering the country:

  • Tourist visa is required for US citizens who stay for more than 30 days
  • Passport validity throughout the duration of stay
  • Proof of intent to depart (e.g. return or onward air tickets)
  • Proof of enough funds to maintain himself while in the country
  • Prepare to pay different fees if you enter by land (depends on whether you plan to stay for less or more than one day)
  • Currency restrictions for both entry and exit is $5000
  • Exit fee of $40 (Some airline tickets may include it in your charges before the trip)
  • Birth certificate of each minor child who travels by air with you
  • Birth certificate and government-issued photo ID when travelling by closed-loop cruises (you need to present a valid US passport if you leave the cruise and return to US by air)

Do you have a circumstance or any other drawback that may cancel your plans to travel abroad? Why do you want to go to Belize?

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