Can Felons Travel To Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Hispaniola Island, in the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Region. It is the second largest country in the Caribbean region after Cuba.

Nothing spells freedom better than traveling around the world. However, former convicts in America may face certain legal obstacles when trying to travel due to restrictions.

Travel Restrictions

As aforementioned, there are certain travel restrictions for convicted felons. The following are some travel restrictions for felons:

  • A felon currently serving his time in prison is prohibited from leaving the country. However, after final discharge, the right to travel and the right to move are restored in certain cases.
  • However, there are some offenses wherein a convicted felon, even after final discharge, is totally barred from leaving the country. A person convicted of drug-related or human trafficking cases is prohibited from traveling to other countries.
  • Aside from the restrictions on the issuance of a passport, the issuance of a driver’s license and airman certificate is also regulated for felons.
  • The Secretary of the State also has the discretionary power to prohibit individuals deemed to be a threat to the national security to leave the country.
  • Other countries impose restrictions in the entry of felons to their country. Canada prohibits the entry of individuals with a criminal record. While those currently serving probation or parole who wish to travel to Germany may have to check with the probation or parole guidelines first.

Reasons To Travel To Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has captivating beaches and rich Caribbean culture. Most tourists flock to Puerto Plata, La Romana, Samana and Punta Cana. However, there’s so much more to Dominican Republic.

The country is proud of their UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Santo Domingo. Located in the city are the early 16th century Alcazar De Colón and the Museum of the Royal Houses which were built by the son of Christopher Columbus.

The UNESCO also declared the Eastern National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is home to a hundred species of birds and a hundred species of flora and fauna.

Requirements To Enter Dominican Republic

Citizens of the United States of America (USA) no longer need to acquire a visa in order to enter Dominican Republic. They only need a tourist card, which you can purchase upon arrival in the country.

As provided by the U.S. Passports and International Travel website, there are requirements still needed to be completed to travel to Dominican Republic. The following are some of the requirements:

  1. Passport

The passport must be valid upon entry to Dominican Republic. There must also be at least one blank page for the entry stamp. The tourist card can also be bought online even before arrival. Some tourist packages include this tourist card in their packages.

  1. Tourist Card

As aforementioned, a tourist card is needed. The tourist card can be purchased upon arrival at the airport for $10 USD. This tourist card is valid for 30 days. Those who wish to extend their stay must contact the Migration Department of the country.

Cooped up in the four corners of a facility is no joke. Traveling would do a former felon great things. It is a way to rest, relax and reconnect with the people they love.

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