Can Felons Travel To Bermuda?

Having your record tainted with a past mistake can be a real burden when travelling. Sometimes, it depends on the offense committed. But with other countries, it doesn’t matter at all.

Off the Atlantic Ocean near America is an island called Bermuda. Accessible by short-trip flight from Boston or by cruise from New York, Miami or Philadelphia, Bermuda is the perfect place for US travelers who simply yearns to unwind.

Travel Restrictions

The US State Department retains the discretion to disallow citizens from travelling abroad. This prohibition may be on grounds of serious harm to national security, or if the destination is laden with armed hostilities.

Felons who regained their full freedom may use their passport to go to any part of the world. The US government, however, prohibits the mobility of persons convicted of drug trafficking and other drug-related offenses.

Even a misdemeanor related with the possession, use or distribution of a controlled substance might inhibit the travel of a convicted person.

Sex offenders have been banned in most countries lately. It appears that this won’t simply be a problem with the country of destination, because the State Department will refuse to issue a passport for anyone registered as such.

Any citizen who has defaulted in his financial obligation may also be withheld by the State Department. A child support debt in arrears of $2500, for instance, must be paid within 90 days from date of application.

Reasons To Travel To Bermuda

A place known as great for fishing, the island itself, incidentally, is shaped like fish hook. Fishing competitions are held often, and enthusiasts flock to the island to catch the famous big blue marlin, among others.

Bermuda is reputed for having sunken treasures. But other than that, travelers have lots of reason to visit Bermuda. Sunbathing in its pink sand beaches, for example, is a unique experience no one can had in other places.

The island is rich with valleys that stretch for miles. The friendliness of the people and the idyllic weather simply make this place a comfortable spot for relaxation.

Requirements To Enter Bermuda

The following are specific requirements for entry and some important things US travelers should know:

  • No tourist visa is required for US residents and holders of permanent resident cards
  • Passport OR a government-issued photo ID and official copy of birth certificate with either a raised seal or official stamp along with an official proof of passport application from the US Department of State
  • Children below 16 traveling with adults must present passport or an official proof of passport application
  • Return or onward air tickets
  • Cabins in cruise ships are routinely checked for illegal drugs
  • Possessing or using marijuana or a drug issued legally by prescription but which is currently illegal in Bermuda is still prohibited (Except for the following cannabinoid pharmaceutical products: Dronabinol, Nabilone, Nabiximols)
  • Permit to import or own a gun must be secured in advance from the Bermuda Police Service (Entering with a bladed instrument, any type of firearm, an ammunition magazine, or a single round of ammunition is strictly forbidden)
  • Pepper sprays and stun guns are also not allowed

Do you have any other situation which may hold you back from going out of the country? Why do you plan to travel to Bermuda?


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