Can Felons Travel To Cancun?

Home to many of the famous beaches with cool sands and shores lined with beautiful structures, Cancun is the ideal place to enjoy the sun beside the Caribbean.

Several countries with sophisticated databases bar any registered sex offender from entering their jurisdiction. This just shows how even a misdemeanor in the past is a great problem – it is forever etched in one’s record. Fortunately, conviction for an offense other than this is generally not an issue.

Travel Restrictions

A sex offender is not allowed to own a passport, or if he has one, its validity may be revoked. The State Department may only issue or renew his application provided that he registers in the system as such.

A noticeable identifier is marked on the passport of any registered sex offender, in which case it depends on the country of destination whether he may be accepted or not.

As for drug trafficking, a conviction certainly disqualifies anyone from traveling. The ineligibility includes any drug-related offense whether it’s a felony, a misdemeanor, or arising from violation of bank secrecy and anti-money laundering laws.

The State Department will not allow the travel of anyone who is subject to a grand jury investigation or prosecution for a felony. A request for extradition by a foreign country may also impede you from leaving.

Other restrictions include outstanding money obligations. Before you spend dollars on your travels, you must settle your child support payments if it is in arrears of more than $2500.

Reasons To Travel To Cancun

There’s no wonder as to why Cancun is a trendy destination for US travelers. It is easily accessible because in many states like Boston, direct flights to the city itself are available and affordable.

Aside from that, it’s the nearest place to US where you can do watersports, sunbathe, explore culture, visit a national park and learn about the Mayan civilization at the same time.

The concentration of Mayan ruins and temple sites in Cancun is perhaps the best thing about this place. Your fascination with this civilization will reach the heavens as your gaze ascends to their ancient temples and sun observatories.

The spirit of the night is alive with exquisite partying and spectacular shows. No doubt Cancun is famous for spring breaks and is crowded every year by visitors who just want to take a break.

Requirements To Enter Cancun

Cancun is a Mexican city, and the requirements for entry are the same with any other destination in Mexico. You can either take a direct short-trip flight to Cancun or travel by cruise ships to its nearby ports.

The specific documents required are listed as follows:

  • Valid passport or an identity document (ID) which is valid under international law
  • Tourist visa is required for visits extending beyond 180 days
  • Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM permit properly filled out
  • Mexico tourist card or FMT (Something which you must carry at all times while in Mexico)
  • Any document that may prove your intent to depart (e.g. hotel reservation, return tickets and tour tickets, company letter, etc)
  • Proof of sufficient means to sustain oneself while in Cancun
  • Currency restrictions for both entry and exit is $10,000
  • Notarized consent letter from parents or legal guardian of a minor who travels without both parents
  • If traveling by sea or cruise ships, always prepare a government-issued photo ID and official copy of birth certificate with raised seal or official stamp

Is there an impediment or any other kind of situation that may hold you back from traveling? What is the reason you want to go to Cancun?

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