Does 7 Eleven Hire Felons?

Everybody in this world makes mistakes. For some, it ended up to a point where they got a criminal offense. Consequently, they have difficulty applying for a job again.

However, various people believe ex-convicts deserve another chance. One of them is Steve Chapman, a Chicago Tribune columnist, who asserted last August 2006 that wardens would not release prisoners if felons did not change in the first place.

About 7-Eleven

Known internationally for its chain of convenience stores, 7-Eleven offers various goods and services to its consumers.

The company’s journey started last 1927, when Joe C. Thompson, Sr. and John Jefferson agreed to sell commodities, such as eggs, milk, and bread.

By 1928, Jenna Lira branded the shops as “Tote’m Stores” since she placed a totem pole in front of the first window-shop. Now, people globally recognize the company for the presence of its 56,600 convenience stores across 18 countries.

Last 2017, it ranked #1 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Top Global Franchises List. Indeed, 7-Eleven is a corporation that leads the retail food industry to excellence, as evident by the accolades it received over the years.

Employees enjoy the benefits tailored for each country. In the United States, medical, dental, and life insurances aid the welfare of its employees. Others have expressed that they like the choice of being on leave when applicable.

Employees have verbalized their job satisfaction online. Some said that it is an enjoyable experience serving the customers along with co-workers.

Does 7-Eleven Hire Felons?

Some places, depending on its laws, prohibit felons from applying in stores that sell liquor, such as 7-Eleven. However, there are certain considerations done by the company.

On a study done by a Psychiatric Research Center, 42% of employers in America hired a felon because the person had the necessary qualifications for the job.

The company hired criminals with cases three years and above from their conviction date. In short, it depends on nature and the time passed since the felony.

In some cases, 7-Eleven hired felons because they have passed the company’s background checks and had the will to change.

Reformed felons were often hired first at low-entry jobs, but over time could be and were promoted to higher positions if found reliable by the company.

Application Process At 7-Eleven

In every company, there is an application process for the desired job position. Note that the process mentioned below varies per country.

  • The job applicant must send his or her resume, application letter, and other requirements on the store desired or on the company’s website. In fact, 7-Eleven has localized sites for each country.
  • After some time, the human resource personnel contacts the candidate through his or her phone number and email, then schedules the applicant for a one-on-one interview.
  • Usually, the applicant will have completed the process at an earlier stage if he or she applied for entry-level positions. The company needs more time for background checking and further interviews for higher positions.

Tips To Apply At 7-Eleven

Based on the shared experiences of people, the following tips have emerged:

  • The job applicant must have total honesty.It is not right to fake one’s background since it will result in criminal charges and bad reputation of the applicant.
  • The job applicant must let go of the fear.Fear is natural, especially for one-on-one interviews. For ex-convicts, when asked about their background information, they must not be afraid to describe their past.
  • The job applicant must have enough knowledge and credibility to work for the company.The candidate must know the background of the job he or she is applying for, and referrals and testimonials of people might convince the employer to accept the applicant.
  • The job applicant must be sincere.The interviewer shall know the candidate with a genuine intent to apply.


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