Can Felons Travel To Australia?

A combination of immense landscapes, unique wildlife, beaches and beautiful long coastlines, Australia in the far-off is no doubt popular among backpackers and budget travelers.

Having a criminal record may not be so easy for those who want to travel abroad. In developed countries like Australia, convicted felons are classified into a different category which may likely put them under constant watch.

Travel Restrictions

A felon won’t have much trouble obtaining a passport. However, particular offenses such as drug trafficking and even drug-related misdemeanors may render him ineligible to apply or renew his passport.

A court mandate can be a compulsory ground to keep anyone from traveling. Expect that while on probation or parole, one’s existing passport may be taken by the US State Department.

Your chance of traveling is also minimal once you are issued with a subpoena for a felony, or if you are subject to a warrant of arrest in the federal level.

If you have been imprisoned abroad and received government’s assistance for your release, make sure that you have paid your loan obligations.

A child support debt must also be settled with the agency in the state where you owe child support. The threshold amount now is $2500.

The denial may also be based on discretionary grounds. You can’t go outside the country if, for instance, the US State Department believes that you will cause grave harm to the US national security.

Reasons To Travel To Australia

Australia is a single land mass with primeval indigenous history and European cultural milieu. The long flight all the way to this remote country becomes a trifle thing once a traveler arrives and meets its charms.

Heaving with diverse marine life, the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific is a great place to Scuba dive and snorkel. It is located in the eastern part where all the surfers go.

The beaches on the western coast of Australia, though unpopular, are as just stunning as the ones on the East Coast. The good thing about being in a less crowded beach is that you can relax by yourself.

In Sydney, laidback tourists will find it relaxing to stroll along the world’s natural harbor, enjoy the opera house, and simply bask in the Australian sun beside the coast.

Requirements To Enter Australia

Passport and visa requirements are severely regulated in Australia. If you plan to visit this country, take note of the following:

  • Valid passport or any other acceptable travel document
  • Valid visa or authority to enter Australia, including electronic visas
  • A completed and signed Incoming Passenger Card, including health and character declaration
  • You may be detained or removed by the Australian authorities if you extend your visa even for a short period
  • US citizens can obtain an Electronic Travel Authority or ETA visa online. Some airlines or travel agents can also obtain the visa on your behalf
  • Citizens with major criminal convictions must apply for a subclass-600 tourist visa. Major convictions means a total of 12 months or more, whether served or not
  • Australia also implements HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors. The DIBP may require you to undergo a medical examination depending on the type of visa you apply for
  • Remember that it is illegal to take pictures of certain areas in Australia, such as airport interiors, etc.

Are you in any situation or circumstance that may likely prohibit you from going out of the country? Why do you plan on traveling to Australia?


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