Can Felons Travel To Argentina?

Bounded by Bolivia in the north and by Chile in the West, Argentina continues to charm those who seek an adventure of a lifetime.

Ex-convicts may still carry the stigma of having a criminal record. While their home country  respects the full restoration of their civil rights, it may not be the same when they enter another jurisdiction.

Travel Restrictions

The freedom to travel abroad is a right enjoyed by non-felons and felons alike. There are compulsory grounds, however, on which the US State Department may deny or revoke one’s passport.

Felons convicted with drug trafficking and other drug-related offenses or misdemeanors are absolutely not eligible to apply for a passport.

Prohibition by a court order and probation or parole condition may also impede your right to travel whether within or out of the US.

If you have incurred an assistance loan for release from imprisonment abroad, payment of what’s due is a condition before the State Department may allow you to go out of the country again.

The State Department will also require you to settle your debt if you owe child support in arrears of more than $2500.

One’s passport is also invalidated for travel abroad once the State Department is notified of any felony-related subpoena or federal warrant of arrest against him.

Reasons To Travel To Argentina

Argentina is a massive terrain of high mountains, glaciers, plains and colorful deserts. From its excellent infrastructure to its natural wonders, it seems to offer almost everything for tourist attraction.

In Buenos Aires, the country’s vivacious capital, the towering elegance of European architecture that is a startling contrast to the Latin identity is just impressive.

Along the northern-end of Argentina, you will be amazed by the curtains of Iguazu waterfalls that ran along a mile-long stretch of cliffs.

On the southern part is the Bariloche, which borders a glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains. For all that it offers such as skiing, horseback riding, hiking and all, this town is simply called the “honeymoon capital of Argentina”.

Requirements To Enter Argentina

In Argentina, there is no particular restriction for travelers with criminal history. Nonetheless, anyone who travels to Argentina must take note of the following:

  • Passport validity at the time of entry is strictly required. Anyone with a damaged or expired passport will be sent back by the authorities to his origin at his own expense
  • No visa is required for US citizens if stay is for tourist or business purposes and not more than 90 days
  • The US Embassy in Buenos Aires cannot help anyone who plans on acquiring Brazilian or Paraguayan visas through the embassy
  • Exit currency requirement of $10,000 dollars or equivalent
  • No currency restrictions for entry, but you have to show your passport when you exchange your cash. It will also do best to keep receipts related to buying pesos
  • No HIV&
    /AIDS entry restrictions for foreign tourists or residents
  • If you plan on fishing or hunting in Argentina, there are gun and game laws that everyone needs to follow. Violating these laws may cause either your arrest or expulsion

Can you think of any other situation or circumstance that may impede or restrict your freedom to travel? What is the reason you want to go to Argentina?

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