Does O-Charley’s Hire Felons?

Even after paying their time for their felony in prison, it’s still fairly hard for ex-felons to be accepted back by society, especially in regards to employment matters.

With this, it can definitely be said that ex-felons have less job opportunities in the workforce. Such phenomena is unsurprising, especially because of their past felony. However, it’s important to give ex-felons employment, especially because this is a chance for them to live a productive life again. Such opportunity will definitely reduce recidivism, or the tendency of an ex-offender to reoffend or repeat their past offense. 

About O-Charley’s

A casual dining restaurants chain in the country, O-Charley’s is known for their endless menu choices ranging from appetizers, brunches, and their Southern-inspired specialties.

Founder Charley Watkins established the very first O-Charley’s restaurant in 1971 across Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

With their company statement of “Everyone who walks through this door is a friend of mine,” O-Charley’s continues to produce food with quality ingredients in over 200 locations in 17 US states.

To uphold employment satisfaction, O-Charley’s provides its team members with comprehensive health and benefit programs.

Having the passion to give back to their team members, employees love working for O-Charley’s because of their flexible work schedules and great workplace environment.

Does O-Charley’s Hire Felons?

Based on research, there are mixed reviews about O-Charley’s in regards to hiring ex-felons.

According to some review sites, O-Charley’s does hire ex-felons, but it will greatly depend on the chain location wherein you will apply.

On the other hand, one source says it appears that O-Charley’s does not hire ex-felons, especially because they do ask questions of ex-charges during the application process.

Simply, there’s kind of a 50/50 chance that O-Charley’s will hire an ex-felon. This will all greatly depend on the restaurant chain location wherein you will apply.

Application Process At O-Charley’s

If you want to try and apply for O-Charley’s, here are the steps to their application process:

  • Review the O-Charley’s team member requirements
  • Prepare your resume
  • Apply in person or online.When applying online, you can visit their Careers page at:
  • Look for open positions at:
  • Send in your complete application form
  • Wait for a response from the HR department
  • Attend your allotted interview timeslot
  • Wait for results from the HR department

Tips To Apply At O-Charley’s

Seeing as how there are mixed answers whether O-Charley’s do hire ex-felons or not, one important thing to remember when applying for this restaurant chain is to always be truthful regarding your application, especially since there is also a possibility they might know about your past felony.

Another tip when applying for O-Charley’s is show great enthusiasm in working in the restaurant industry, especially because they’ve been doing this for over 46 years already.

Also, it’s important to dress appropriately when attending your interview timeslot, to showcase decent character.

Lastly, when asked about your past felony, make sure to not omit any details, and answer completely and honestly, especially regarding the nature and length of your conviction.



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