Does P&G Hire Felons?

When it comes to job seeking, formerly incarcerated individuals are probably the most motivated persons there are. They are likely to be more productive and hardworking because they have reasons to be so.

This is because having a useful occupation not only sustains their basic needs; it keeps them from returning to prison as well.

About P&G

Headquartered in Ohio, P&G (Procter and Gamble) is a multinational consumer goods company that manufactures a range of family, personal and household care products.

William Procter, a candlemaker from England, and James Gamble, a soapmaker from Ireland, met at Ohio where they settled as emigrants. Together, they founded the P&G Company in 1837.

Expanding gradually through many decades, P&G is well-known for its spectacular brand management. In 2014, P&G began dropping down other product lines to focus only on its remaining 65 brands.

P&G offers a competitive salary and benefit programs that include medical and life insurance, retirement plans, stock purchase programs and other rewards.

Former employees reviewed the work environment positively but current ones are lamenting over the cost-cutting measures being implemented – which affects primarily the company’s workforce.

Does P&G Hire Felons

For applicants with criminal histories, the possibility of being hired at P&G may be as slim as going through a needle’s eye.

Although there is no explicit policy issued by the company against hiring felons, the hiring process itself is quite rigorous. If you’ve reached halfway through the stages of the application process, then consider yourself lucky.

In some states, a background check on any job applicant at any stage is not allowed unless a conditional job offer is extended. At any rate, even a criminal history by itself should not be a ground for rescinding the job offer.

Thus, for employers to validly reject a candidate with a past conviction for a felony or misdemeanor, the denial must be based on reasonable grounds such as relatedness of the offense to the job applied for.

Application Process At P&G

Job applications at P&G are processed online through the company website. You may also apply at job fairs or when the company itself conducts hiring en masse:

  • Submit your resume
  • Take an online assessment about your personal background and reasoning ability
  • Take an in-person paper-and-pencil assessment to assess your logic and reasoning skills (Could also be a part of the final interview
  • Initial interview where you will be asked about behavioral-based questions and you will be allowed to asked about the company
  • Final interview (In-depth questions about the candidate’s skills and capabilities)
  • Job offer

Tips When Applying For Job At P&G

Prepare yourself mentally before taking the online assessment. A timer is set up while taking the reasoning test so do a practice test first before you plunge into that part of the assessment.

During the initial interview, some personal questions about your background including a police record may be asked. If those are brought up, respond only to the part where you are asked about a past conviction for a misdemeanor or felony.

Do not voluntary give information about your criminal history if not asked at all. But if it is, answer truthfully; never attempt to lie because this act will be taken against you if the truth is found out.


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