Does M&M Mars Hire Felons?

The rehabilitation and life improvement of former felons is most often made difficult by insurmountable social barriers.  The prejudice against job applicants with criminal records is ordinarily one of these.

People, including felons, deserve second chances. Felons that look for job strive not only for basic sustenance, but for the reconstruction of their lives in a normal way under the fold of society.

About M&M Mars

M&M Mars is a privately-owned American company that manufactures confectionery and pet foods. It is popularly known as the maker of chocolate items such as Snickers, Mars and Twix.

It was founded by Frank Mars in the 1920s. The Milky Way, which became the best-selling chocolate bar, was developed by his son, Forrest Mars.

Reputed to be an excellent training ground for managers, the company earned the employer brand “Mars – The Ultimate Business School”.

Employees enjoy not only great pay but the freedom to choose benefits that mean most to them and to change their choices as well. The benefits include a pension scheme, health insurance discount, life assurance, gym membership, etc.

In 2013, Fortune ranked M&M Mars as 95th on the List of Best Companies to Work For. Employees thrive because most of them stay once they get the job.

Do Felons Get Hired At M&M Mars?

Automatically disqualifying any job applicant with a conviction or arrest record is deemed unlawful in the US. Corollary, companies like M&M Mars do not issue a clear policy when it comes to employing felons.

What is clear, however, is that M&M Mars holds itself as an equal opportunity employer. There’s no way of knowing if a felon would be hired unless he tries it out.

Recruiters at M&M Mars usually conduct pre-employment background checks during the first stage of the application process. They check the candidates for any misdemeanor or felony.

If you have been called for an interview after that stage, then consider it as a small victory. It will be the chance to present yourself as one who has character and motivation to do well despite your criminal history.

Application Process At M&M Mars

The company website offers an online application for anyone who wishes to join. You can apply for an available job by creating an account online.

M&M Mars recruiters also conduct hiring events in some locations where the company branched out, such as in Chicago and Burr Ridge. The hiring process is fairly quick. It usually takes up to 60 minutes.

  • Fill out the online application
  • Complete the skills test
  • Interview by the recruiter in 10-15 minute intervals

The recruiters select about 20 to 25 candidates. Anyone who has been confirmed will be scheduled for an interview by invitation only.

Tips When Applying At M&M Mars

M&M Mars prides itself as an employer that pays higher than the others. Whatever position you’re applying for in this company, take the time to skim over the “Five Principles” which it holds dear.

Whether you’re a good fit for the role will be determined by whether you’re a good fit for the company. Its core values do not only highlight quality and efficiency, but authenticity and cultural fitness as well.

The hiring process may appear meticulous, but there will always be considerations. As an ex-offender, never attempt to lie. Don’t give out any false information that may disappoint the hiring personnel.

If the interviewer asks the hard questions about your criminal record, be genuine about it and make sure that in the end you leave a positive impression about your character.


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