Does Fedex Hire Felons?

Felons exist in every society, even in the most peaceful ones. The presence of felons shows that societies have found the way to defend morality by punishing them.

On the other side, as societies should consider morality, felons should be treated as members of societies.  Felons, who have served their sentence, are already paid for their wrongdoings so they should be given opportunity in employment.

About FedEx 

FedEx is a multinational corporation that offers logistics, transportation, and other business related services.  The company has three headquarters in Memphis, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.  It has also its main hubs in Memphis, Oakland, Newark, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, and Anchorage.

In August 1971 at Little Rock, Arkansas, Frederick W. Smith founded FedEx.  On April 17, 1973, FedEx operations started in Memphis with 389 team members, 14 planes and 186 packages to be delivered in 25 U.S. cities.

FedEx is one of the best ranked companies worldwide.  Black Enterprise has named FedEx in the top 40 best U.S. companies since 2005.  And in 2016, FedEx was ranked 8th in FORTUNE’S Most Admired Companies.

FedEx employees enjoy benefits such as 401K plan, health insurance for as low as $80 per month, 3 week vacation, and pension.  This is mentioned by a current employee in an online forum.

Aside from the salary and benefits, FedEx is recognizing diversity and eliminating discrimination in the workplace.  This is another reason why people would like to work there.

Does FedEx Hire Felons?

FedEx recognizes EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity as stated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  FedEx is an EEO/AA employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of employees and applicants.

Generally, FedEx can hire anyone as long as the applicant is qualified and has met the requirements of the company.  A felon can apply to any position and has the chance to be hired.

According to most online sources, FedEx has hired and rejected some felons.  Those who were rejected have failed in the drug test and in the psychological test.

With regard to the passing of time since the felony, most did not experience any problem.  Only those who were formerly into drugs had problem with time since the substance could still be present in one’s body.

Application Process At FedEx

As a multinational corporation, FedEx processes job applications via online.  Interested applicants may visit  In this page, featured jobs are posted per area and also including other jobs in respective FedEx companies.

Here are also some important points to remember when applying to FedEx:

  • The company prefers online application for faster processing.
  • Complete the 7-step processing in the company’s online application.
  • You should receive an email confirmation once process is completed.
  • Potential employees should regularly check their FedEx online account for updates.
  • It is better to use the company’s portal for job application rather than sending emails.

Tips To Felons When Applying At FedEx

As part of the company’s mission, discrimination is not tolerated in FedEx.  The company ensures equal opportunity to its employees and applicants.

Some applicants are hesitant because of issues such as race, gender, and felony.  If you are a felon and have already served your sentence, you have already paid your debts.  You could consider yourself a new person again.

For a felon who got rejected, do not get too emotional.  It is better to know the reason of your rejection before concluding that you got rejected because of the felony.  Sometimes, an applicant fails in tests, interviews, and qualifications.

Lastly, please be honest.  Normally, criminal records are asked and you should not be ashamed of it.  Make the company feel that you are totally a different person now and you are optimistic in living your life.

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