Does Food 4 Less Hire Felons?

Law-abiding citizens and law breakers are both part of the society.  People prefer the former but it does not mean that latter should be neglected.

In a just society, felons who have served their sentence are no longer law breakers or criminals.  So it is only fair that they should be treated as normal citizens and be given equal opportunity in employment.

About Food4Less

Food4Less is a chain of grocery owned by Kroger.  They offer products and services such as food, deli and bakery, general grocery, and many other basic needs.  Food4Less operations are currently concentrated in the areas of central and northern California.

Food4Less started during the 1930s by Lou Falley.  He owned groceries carrying the name Food4Less and Falley’s Store that operated in Kansas and Missouri.  Eventually, Falley’s Store was removed and replaced totally by Food4Less.  Falley then started to offer franchise.

Kroger acquired Food4Less in May 1999.  Kroger is one of world’s largest groceries with 2,796 retail stores.  Furthermore, FORTUNE ranked Kroger as the 17th largest U.S. Corporation.  Currently, Kroger employees reach more than 431,000.

Food4Less offers benefits such as health care, vision insurance, and life insurance.  According to some employees, one can enjoy the benefits in just two months.  Other benefits include car discounts and a raise in hourly pay.

Food4Less is an attractive opportunity for students or for those looking for part-time jobs.  Students and office workers would like to work here because of the hourly rate they offer.  Moreover, the work could be done during one’s free time.

Does Food4Less Hire Felons?

Kroger recognizes EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity as stated in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Kroger is an EEO employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of employees and applicants.

Food4Less and Kroger follow the same principle so a felon should have no worries of applying.  However, some branches are franchise and independent from Kroger particularly in recruitment.  Unfortunately, some franchise would automatically not hire a felon.

According to most online sources regarding the hiring of felons, some Food4Less franchise has hired felons as long as they are qualified.

With regard to the passing of time since the felony, most did not experience any problem except for those who got involved in drugs.  They would fail in the drug test for the substance is still present in their bodies.

The jobs offered by Food4Less could be considered felon-friendly.  Blue-collar jobs are less strict when it comes to the applicant’s past.

Application Process At Food4Less    

It is better to know if the branch is a franchise or not.  If it is a franchise, one could go personally to the store.  If the branch is not a franchise, it is better to log on to

Here are some points to remember in the application process:

  • Use the online job portal for faster processing of application.
  • Check your online portal for application updates.
  • For application in franchise branches, a visit or phone call to the branch could be helpful in following up your application. 

Tips To Felons When Applying At Food4Less

If you are a felon, it is better to choose a Food4Less branch under the management of Kroger.  If it is, at least you can be assured that the company is under strict observance of the law regarding equal opportunity.

How would you know if it is a franchise or not?  You could do a research about the branch.  You could also visit the site of Kroger to check the branches.

If there is a vacancy in a branch near you, try to apply and clear your mind of worries.  There is no harm in trying.  If rejected, then move on and look for another job.

If you are interviewed, don’t forget to be honest, optimistic, and energetic.  Food4Less is always looking for positive and energetic applicants.


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