Does W.W. Grainger Hire Felons?

W.W. Grainger is an American industrial supply company. For over 90 years, they have been a source for industrial supplies and safety products. The company now serves more than 3 million customers worldwide.

We believe that once felons have already served their time and paid their debt to society, it is the mark of a fair government to offer them the opportunity to integrate into society again. This includes offering them a fair chance at employment. Civilians with decent paying jobs report higher quality of life and a marked decrease in depressive tendencies. For felons, it is important that they are given a chance as they integrate back into society. This helps decrease their chances of re-engaging in incriminating behavior.

About W.W. Grainger

Grainger distributes over 1 million industrial products, from supplies to equipment and tools. This short list includes electrical devices, fasteners, fleet maintenance equipment, hand tools, hardware, janitorial, lighting, office supplies, power and plumbing tools, safety, security, and test instruments.

W.W. Grainger was founded in 1927 by William W. (Bill) Grainger. Then was incorporated as W. W. Grainger, Inc. in 1928. In 1967 Grainger became a public company. Over the last 85 years, Grainger’s product line has expanded to more than 1 million products and repair parts.

In 2016, Grainger was named the 11th largest eCommerce retailer in North America by Internet Retailer. And in 2013, Grainger was named by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for. According to sources online, Grainger now hosts a total of 25,700 employees and 330 stores.

Grainger has a generous profit-sharing plan, and employees with five years of service have 20% of their pay added to their retirement plan. Grainger also offers group life insurance, as well as short term disability insurance for accident or illness. With their contribution pension plan, they help workers save and invest for retirement.

Grainger employees report satisfaction with the benefits that the company provides. They also like how family oriented the business is. Grainger often holds family celebrations at the office, and is welcoming of all forms of diversity. Grainger offers opportunities to work from home, and reportedly has good pay.

Does W.W. Grainger Hire Felons?

According to multiple online sources, Grainger hires felons under most circumstances. Grainger takes a number of factors into consideration when hiring, and not just your experience and skills.

This includes the type of conviction, the number of convictions, and time since release from supervision. It should also be noted that this information is compiled from internet resources, and that we can’t guarantee that every company location will have an open mind.

Does W.W. Grainger run background checks?

According to feedback from employees, we find that like most large companies, Grainger runs thorough background checks on all potential employees.

The background check will be performed during the interview process, where they will also do a drug screening to check for past drug use.

Careers At W.W. Grainger

Grainger offers a variety of different jobs. While some will require a bachelor’s degree in various subjects, potential applicants should rest assured that there are a number of entry-level jobs that only require a high school diploma or some other high-school equivalent.

Customer Service Associate: A team member who interacts with customers to address their needs and resolve any potential problems. Various duties include assisting customers in loading products into customer vehicles, recording and processing customer orders, and performing filing functions for pick tickets, reports, and other documents.

Warehouse Associate: The principle duties of this role include receiving, storing, and shipping of products. The unloading, labeling, and replenishing of boxes. As well as performing various maintenance and upkeep duties to keep a clean environment.

Financial Analyst: Workers under this role play an important part in Grainger’s strategy. They are asked to develop complex modeling solutions and analysis to support strategic initiatives, and to seek creative solutions to help Grainger customers keep their operations running.

Territory Sales Representative: The Territory Sales Representative educates customers on offer and purchase options. They also build mutually beneficial relationships with new customers and increase customer understanding of Grainger’s standard product and service capabilities.

Infrastructure Network Engineer: Network Engineers ensure that the network infrastructure is secure and efficient. They build, implement, test, and offer support of the network connectivity infrastructure services on premise and in the cloud.

Application Process At W.W. Grainger

To apply at Grainger, check in at the career section on their website:

Once there, browse the job categories to find a job relevant to your interests. In the general job description you should find an option to apply.

While filling out the application be sure to be honest about any past misdemeanors. Include name of the conviction, date, location, and disposition. Grainger does thorough background checks on criminal history. The best thing is to be entirely honest.

If it comes up during the interview, explain how you hope to improve your standing in society and start afresh. Explain that you are working hard to put your past behind you and that you just want a chance. Be sure to list all positive and relevant work experience you may have acquired before or after your conviction.

Be straightforward and concise, and be sure to keep a professional attitude. They are more likely to respond positively if you can present clear reasons as to how you might be an asset to their company.

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