Does Braum’s Hire Felons?

Braum’s is an ice cream and dairy store that is family owned and has been around for over 50 years. They provide the services of ice cream and dairy, along with fresh produce and bakery goods. Braum’s is also highly active in their community with creating the Braum’s Book Buddy reading program.

I believe that felons do deserve a second chance and a large part is finding employment. Felons have made mistakes, sometimes huge mistakes, but they too are people and want to be accepted. When given the chance for employment, this could help turn their life around. Providing felons, the chance of employment enhances their trust in humanity and can help lead them down the right path for good.

About Braum’s

Braum’s key business areas are their Grill, Fountain, and Fresh Market. Their products include ice cream, milk (dairy products including cheese and cultured products), fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, breads, and other baked goods.

Braum’s was founded in 1968 by Bill and Mary Braum in Oklahoma. Braum’s grew into a business with stores in five states and keeping the heart of the operation, Braum’s dairy farm and processing plant, in Tuttle, Oklahoma.

According to our research, Braum’s has roughly 10,000 employees with just under 280 locations and ranked 1st among their top 10 competitors. Braum’s partnered with Dr. Pepper to award customers and employees with money for tuition. In March 2019, Braum’s awarded over $40,000 in tuition for employees and customers.

Benefits are provided to full-time team members. Included are medical and prescription, dental, vision, basic life insurance – company paid, voluntary life insurance – available for employee, spouse, and children, short and long-term disability, 401(k), paid vacation, and 15% employee purchase discounts.

According to our research, former and current employees stated they like working at Braum’s because everyone is friendly, there are opportunities for growth, and schedules are flexible. Reviews are mainly from individuals in school with this being their first job.

Does Braum’s Hire Felons

Based on our research, Braum’s has reviewed and hired individuals with a felony background. It seems that Braum’s does not discriminate against an applicant because of their background.

Our research found that the company had made a statement on how their hiring process works pertaining to felons. It states, “We don’t automatically bar people with felony convictions. It can be a case-by-case determination. It depends on how long it has been [since the offense], what it was concerning and what position they are seeking.” It appears, when applying to Braum’s, even with a felony record, it is beneficial to be honest because they won’t automatically turn you away.

Does Braum’s Run Background Checks

Based on our research, Braum’s does run background checks. There is no information stating what information shows up on their background checks.

On their job ads, it states that Braum’s is an equal opportunity employer and criminal background checks and job-fit assessments are required as part of the on-boarding process. Based off that, it looks like the background checks are completed before the applicant can begin working.

Careers at Braum’s

Braum’s offers competitive pay rates and the potential for growth. They have full-time and part-time crewmember positions available. Common positions in the company are crewmember, shift supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager.

Crewmembers can be assigned kitchen duties, handle drive thru orders, or spend time in the Fresh Market section being a salesclerk. Crewmembers are placed where the store manager sees fit, based on the needs of the store.

Shift supervisors are equivalent to team leaders. During opening hours, shift supervisors are responsible for the store until a manager comes in. Shift supervisors work alongside crewmembers to train, coach, and develop those employees.

Assistant Managers are responsible for the stores daily activities when a manager isn’t present. This position makes sure all employees are in their designated areas. They also take charge of the initial interview with all new hires.

Full-time crewmembers have three different shifts they can work. These shifts are Monday – Friday 5:30am – 2pm, Monday – Friday 11am – 7:30pm, and Monday – Thursday and Sunday 3pm – 11:30pm. These schedules run on a three-week basis. This is the lowest level you can be in the company so the schedule a new hire would likely be looking at.

Shift supervisors also have three different schedules and run on a three-week cycle. The difference for a shift supervisor is their weekly days off will change. If they have off on a Monday and Thursday the first week, the following it will be Tuesday and Saturday.

Application Process at Braum’s

When applying to Braum’s, go to the careers section of their website. You’ll see a place to apply for store crew, store management, and non-store positions. As a felon, go towards applying for store crew, which are their starting positions.

When applying as a felon, it isn’t necessary to lie on the application. They do accept applicants with a felony background, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exaggerate the extent of the crime. Minimizing the extent of the crime could help with achieving the in-person interview.

If you get the in-person interview and Braum’s questions you about the felony, explain the felony. State when it happened and how long it has been. Tell why it was a mistake. And explain how you have grown, learned, and matured from that time in your life.

Based on our research, the main questions that seem to come up in the interview are, why do you want to work at Braum’s? Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation. What can you offer Braum’s? Always use “I” statements in the interview and make sure to dress professional, such as khaki’s and a button down.

Best tips for being a successful employee at Braum’s is to have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Create connections and friendships with coworkers, superiors, and customers.

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