Does Popeyes Hire Felons?

Popeyes is an American-based fast food restaurant chain that focuses on fried chicken.

Most people in prison today will be released and the fact that we release people from prison at all shows felons are expected to return to society. But in order to return to society, they need to be given a chance to earn a way to support themselves.

About Popeyes

Popeyes is found across the U.S.A and Canada with other locations around the world. Popeyes sells Louisiana-style fried chicken and other fast food items such as french fries, biscuits and mashed potatoes

Alvin C. Copeland Sr. opened Popeyes in New Orleans in 1972 after Copeland’s original restaurant, Chicken on the Run, failed. Copeland renamed and reopened the restaurant that same year as Popeyes.

Popeyes has 3,102 locations across the world with most being franchised and they employee 2,130 across these locations. Popeyes has not won any notable awards since opening.

Popeyes offers employees a 401k and insurance coverage as well as many extra payouts for performance and anniversary events. They also offer discounts on food and assistance to employees in higher education.

Based on our research what Popeyes employees enjoy most about the company is the fun work environment as well as the sense of teamwork between employees and management.

Does Popeyes Hire Felons?

Based on our research not only does Popeyes hire felons but felons can also be promoted to management positions in the company. As with most cases this is not always guaranteed and might change from location to location depending on who is in charge and their personal views on the subject.

Popeyes does not have a publicly available policy on whether or not they hire felons and it is not mentioned in any of their job applications. Many online sources, however, say that the company does hire felons and some also say that they will promote felons to management roles in certain cases.

Does Popeyes run background checks?

Popeyes does not have a public policy on whether or not they perform background checks but many online sources say that the company does perform checks.

These sources do not say what is found in this background check, how any information found is used or if background checks are only run for specific applications.

Careers At Popeyes 

As a fast food company customer service will be a large part of any job at Popeyes, as well as cooking experience. Since their company culture focuses heavily on teamwork being able to work with others is also important.

Entry level employees at Popeyes are always called Team or Crew Members no matter what specific jobs they perform at any time. Team Members are expected to cover multiple roles in their job.

Team Members have a many responsibilities but in particular they have to provide friendly, engaging service to make Popeyes’ customers feel welcome at the restaurant.

Team Members primarily do this by working as cashiers at the main counter and drive through to help customers place and receive their orders quickly.

Team Members also prepare customer’s food orders from the Popeyes menu as well as serving food to customers so they must know how to prepare items of the Popeyes menu.

Team Members must help keep the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant up to Popeyes’ standards of cleanliness so that the restaurant is safe and sanitary.

Application Process At Popeyes

You can apply for jobs online with Popeyes at this page. You can search for jobs at a specific location or search all opening across the company.

Since Popeyes hires felons you should not lie about your past criminal history on the application. Beyond not being necessary in this case being honest on your application will show integrity and trustworthiness.

When applying for a job always think about what skills, education or experience you have that applies most to the position you want. In the case of Popeyes most jobs focus on customer service so emphasize that.

Popeyes likes to promote a fun work environment and sense of teamwork among employees so be active and engaged when interviewing and talking with other employees.

The Team/Crew Member position has many different responsibilities so make sure you know both what you have to do and what your fellow employees have to do each day.

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