Does Trinity Industries Hire Felons?

Trinity Industries, Inc. (Trinity) is in Dallas, Texas. They create products to support logistics and infrastructure for customers across North America.

Safety is a top priority at Trinity. But does Trinity “play it safe” and refuse work for felons? Civil rights for reformed felons are often debated. Many argue that ex-convicts should have a chance to rebuild their careers. They regain most of their freedoms after paying their dues, so why not the ability to work?

About Trinity Industries

Trinity splits into three businesses: TrinityRail builds railcars and railcar parts. Trinity Highway makes highway safety equipment, such as barricades and guardrails. Trinity Logistics Group is a trucking company.

Trinity started making butane tanks over eighty-five years ago. Today, Trinity has over ten-thousand employees across North America. Trinity Highway also has offices in seventy countries.

Trinity prides itself upon “doing what’s right.” They dedicate valuable time and resources to the health and of the environment. In fact, Trinity is Responsible Care certified by the American Chemistry Council.

Trinity shows its gratitude by offering an excellent benefits package to its employees. Including medical, dental, and vision insurance, along with a life insurance policy. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and a 401(k) plan are available.

Of course, many do not work at Trinity for more than ten, twenty, or even thirty years for generous benefits. People join Trinity for the culture of integrity. But they stay because they are treated like family, regardless of background.

Does Trinity Industries Hire Felons?

One of the keys to integrity lies in those they welcome aboard. Trinity has a vibrant workforce across all walks of life. Diversity gives many a chance at a great career. It also keeps the spirit of innovation alive with fresh ideas.

Unfortunately, you likely can’t work for Trinity if you have a felony on record. However, you have a chance to work for Trinity if you are working through a temp/contract agency.

Does Trinity Industries Run Background Checks?

Trinity runs background checks covering work history, criminal records, and school experience. A drug test is also mandatory before employment.

If you do not have a felony on record, you still might not land work at Trinity. It all depends on those applying for the job.

Careers at Trinity Industries

Trinity has dozens of roles across five categories:

  • Welding
  • General manufacturing
  • Operations & leadership
  • Drivers
  • Corporate

Trinity also offers internships for those fresh out of school or looking for a new start.

Welders are vital to Trinity. No surprise, considering all the metalwork. You need at least one year of welding experience to work for Trinity.

Another common position at Trinity is Machine Operator. This role sets up and operates tools designed to form parts. You don’t need much experience to get into this line of work.

There are lots of dangerous chemicals at play. Trinity has many Chemical Cleaner and Custodian roles dedicated to keeping everybody safe.

If you don’t have industrial experience, you can still join the Trinity family. The Dallas corporate office has many Sales Representative and Administrative Assistant positions.

You could not have a successful logistics division (Trinity Logistics Group) without Drivers. Local, regional, and longer cross-country routes (over-the-road) are always in demand.

Application Process at Trinity Industries

If you feel like working for Trinity could be right for you, visit their homepage. The site is in-depth and very informative. You can learn a lot about the company and each of its divisions.

The application process is easy, but there are many steps. First, you need to visit the Careers page and seek out the right position. Then, fill out the online application. If the job you want is not available, join their Talent Network. Trinity will reach out and let you know if something opens.

A recruiter will reach out for a telephone interview if your application passes. During the call, you will talk about your work history and skills. Research potential interview questions so you can be ready and confident. If you impress, you will have a live interview at the location you selected.

Some of the manufacturing positions need a skills test during the live interview. Be sure to bring the appropriate equipment! If you pass the live interview (and skills test), you will get a call with a verbal offer.

If you accept, you will complete your official offer sheet via email. From there, you will go through a background check and drug test before joining the Trinity team.

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