Does J.C. Penney Hire Felons?

JCPenney is an American based chain of department stores.  Its main focus is on clothing and accessories, and home decor and furnishings.  Their stores are mostly located in shopping malls around the country.

Getting a job with a felony following you isn’t an easy task.  Yet, without a job, a person is more at risk to keep slipping into criminal behavior.  Second chances are necessary.

About JCPenney

JCPenney’s main offerings fall under the various clothing departments.  They sell clothing products for babies, kids, men, and women.  From sleep ware to active wear, they have it.  JCPeneny’s next main department is home furnishings and decor.

James Cash Penney founded the company when he opened a Golden Rule store in Wyoming.  The stores took on the JCPenney name in 1913.

As of 2019, JCPenney operates 865 stores across the US and Puerto Rico.  The company employs around 95,000 people.  In 2016, Energy Star named JCPenney “Partner of the Year”.  Currently, they have 600 Energy Star certified stores.

JCPenney offers employees a range of benefits.  Healthcare, stock options, 401K, and vacation time are among the top.  They also have maternity/paternity and military leave programs.

Employees enjoy working at JCPenney because it offers some flexibility in their schedules.  The associate discount is helpful, as is being given clear goals to work towards.

Does JCPenney Hire Felons?

From our research, JCPenney may be open to hiring someone with a felony.  They have hired felons in the past according to employees.

It’s possible that not all locations or hiring staff  will be willing to hire a felon.  Previous bad experiences with felons or job requirements might prevent them from hiring.

Does JCPenney Run Background Checks?

JCPenney does actively run background checks for all positions in the company.  Once they select their top pick(s) from the applicant pool, they will request a background check.

The background check will report on information about your criminal background.  This can include guilty convictions of any felonies, misdemeanors, and some petty violations.

Careers at JCPenney

The Golden Rule has been the foundation that JCPenney is built on since the beginning.  To treat everyone the way you want to be treated; customers, employees, and co-workers alike.

Pricing & Signing Associate:  Update product pricing and signage throughout the store.  Keep pace with store promotions and clearance changes to enhance customer experience.

Checkout Experience Associate:  Contribute to excellent customer experience during the checkout process.  Aid merchandise setting, fitting rooms, and restocking as needed.

Specialty Associate:  Grow store sales within your specialty department.  Provide in-depth knowledge base of assigned specialty to customers.  Proactive about keeping up on trends and product details.

Fulfillment Associate:  Fulfill orders and tasks associated with the various company programs.  Maintain stockroom standards for safe work environment.  Aid other teams as needed.

Omnichannel Associate:  Supervise omnichannel operations at the store and ensure order fulfillment.  Troubleshoot customer issues and research stock shortages/overages.  Work with Merchandise Associates to ensure proper stock levels.

Application Process at JCPenney

JCPenney provides a great place to see available job openings on their website.  Scroll down to the bottom of their main website and click on the careers link.  On the careers site, you can choose which area of the company you want to explore for jobs.  Here is a link to that page:

Show up to the interview dressed professionally.  A suit or dress will show that you respect the company’s value and reputation.  Remove piercings and cover up tattoos.

Customer service is one of the most important tasks at JCPenney.  Be prepared to prove your skills during the application/interview with an assessment.  You can research these ahead of time if you have never done one.

Never lie on your application or during the interview.  If faced with a question about your criminal record, be honest above all else.  If you’re worried after submitting an application or an interview, follow up with a phone call.  Show sincere interest in the job you want.

Try to tailor your resume to the retail or customer service industry.  This allows the hiring staff to focus on your skills related to the job description.

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