Does Toys-R-Us Hire Felons?

Being convicted of a felony, in part, takes away your chance to live like a normal person again. Those days of being confined in a cell is done. But the social punishment is just about to begin.

To felons, getting a decent job is the first step in the process of redemption. However, applying for a position is not easy. Employers immediately see them as not qualified for almost any type of job.

About Toys-R-Us

Toys-R-Us, Inc, an American toy and baby products retailer, claims to be the best toy product company in the industry.

Charles Lazarus, in 1948, began receiving requests to add baby toys to his list of products. The store in Washington, D.C was first called Children’s Supermart, which eventually evolved to Toys-R-Us and is now headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey.

Toys-R-Us has been receiving awards and recognition since 2010 for helping charitable institutions for kids, while fulfilling their commitment to give back and make positive impact to the lives of children and families all over the world.

Aside from a competitive pay, a Toys-R-Us employee enjoys wide range of benefits. These includes medical insurances with dental and vision insurance coverage,vacation, sick leaves and paid time off and Team Member Assistance Program.

“Team members” (as they call their employees) enjoy working with Toys-R-Us because of the fast paced but fun and friendly working environment, and the company’s initiative to allow their team members to participate their philanthropic mission through volunteer programs.

Does Toys-R-Us Hire Felons?

Most felons are still having a hard time getting employed. Luckily, based on research from various online sources, Toys-R-Us is one of the popular companies that hire felons. Although, this does not guarantee that felons will immediately get the position.

They make sure that the nature of felony is taken into account during the hiring process. Since Toys-R-Us is a retail company, it is likely that a felon who was convicted of theft will not be hired.

The time passed since the felony is not as relevant as the nature of it, especially if the felon used his time wisely during or after the conviction in improving his skills, like enrolling to short courses and training.

Toys-R-Us conducts background check before hiring an applicant. It is best for a felon to be proactive in giving references and being open in discussing the conviction.

Application Process At Toys-R-Us

Toys-R-Us does not discriminate felons and part of the good news is, this might just be the company you are looking for. Below is a guide to their application process.

  • Visit Toys-R-Us Careers and select the position you want to apply for
  • Read the instructions and fill out the application form
  • Submit once completed
  • You will be scheduled for a face-to-face or a phone interview
  • Once selected to proceed with the process, the recruitment officer will schedule interviews with the appropriate individuals at the company

Tips To Apply At Toys-R-Us

Felons tend to be uncomfortable in disclosing previous conviction, mainly because it is something that they are not proud of. Keeping it from the interviewer will not help you land the job.

As mentioned above, Toys-R-Us conducts a thorough background check before hiring an applicant, so be open in discussing your previous conviction.

If it comes up during the interview, briefly described what happened. At this point, you are not just telling them the truth, but you are also giving them the impression that you are honest.

Mention the courses you took and highlight your participation in community service. Let them know that you have learned from your mistake and that you focused on making the best out of the situation instead of making it worse.

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