Does Textron Hire Felons?

Textron Inc. is one of the world’s most well-known multi-industry companies. Textron leverages its global network of aircraft, defense, industrial, and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative products and services.

Felons deserve a second chance no matter the crime. If a felon is actively looking for a job, trying to better themselves, and being active members of the community, they deserve someone to take a chance on them.

About Textron

Textron is a globally recognized business split into five segments. Segments include Bell, Textron Aviation, Industrial, Textron Systems, and Finance. They produce hundreds of products throughout the world for customers. They range from industries covering aerospace and defense, specialized vehicles, and fuel systems.

Textron began as a small textile company in 1923, founded by 27-year-old Royal Little. Originally known as Special Yarns Corporation located in Boston, MA.

Textron is a $14 billion company with a worldwide presence supported by 35,000 people in more than 25 countries. They are the source of groundbreaking technologies and many firsts for the industry.

Our research found that Textron offers the same popular benefits as most other companies. These benefits include 401k, paid vacation, life insurance/disability, paid sick leave, and education/training/tuition/certification reimbursement.

There are many reason Textron employees like working there. These reasons include discovering their strengths, hands-on experience, room for growth, and gaining new experiences.

Does Textron Hire Felons

Based on our research, Textron has not hired felons in the past. If someone applies with a felony on their record, research shows they will not be hired.

It should be stated that with how many locations Textron has, different locations may hire felons. Even with a felony, the worst the company can say is no, so still worth applying.

Does Textron Run Background Checks

From our research, Textron does seem to run background checks. We have not been able to find information for when the background check takes place.

Our research also did not come up with any information on what is involved in their background check. It would be assumed that without passing the background check, employment would not be offered.

Careers at Textron

The slogan when looking at careers at Textron is, it’s more then a job it’s a career. With locations in 25 countries, there are many career opportunities and room for growth. Entry level jobs are HR administrative assistant, electrical engineer I, cybersecurity engineer, test engineer I, and software engineer I.

An HR administrative assistant must be organized, flexible, and be able to drive actions to completion. They need to be experts in writing and verbal communication, strong decision-making ability, and detail oriented.

Electrical engineer I are responsible for the development of embedded firmware and testing and debugging of new products and prototypes. They are responsible for schematic capture for circuit designs. Finally, they create technical documentation for designs and testing.

Cybersecurity engineering involves providing cybersecurity engineering support on both next generation technologies and proven platforms that support and protect deployed warfighter. They are willing and able to support occasional travel and to work both individually and cohesively on a team.

Test engineer I employees are responsible for identifying efficiency opportunities. They conduct technician training and certification. And, they develop repeatable and reproducible assembly, inspection, and test instructions.

Application Process at Textron

Textron has a selection labeled Find a Career. This lets you modify jobs available based on experience level. As a starting point, go to job type and look up entry level. This will produce every entry level job in every location.

Textron is all about their employees because they believe their employees are what keeps them running. To be successful at Textron, follow their beliefs and what they stand for as a company.

Should a potential applicant lie about their previous felony conviction? Yes, because the stigma of felony brings a bad reputation. Even though companies aren’t supposed to deny someone with a felony, it is possible the application will get pushed aside. Lying could help bring your application forward.

If it comes up in the interview, there is no point in lying since they already know. Tell them the truth of what happened. If they can’t accept your past, they aren’t the company for you.

Tips for a successful interview would be to dress professionally and bring questions for the interviewer about the company. Also, brag about yourself and why they would benefit from hiring you.

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