Does LKQ Hire Felons?

LKQ Corporation provides alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles. On their website, they state their mission statement as, the leading global value-added distributor of vehicle parts and accessories by offering customers the most comprehensive, available, and cost-effective selection of part solutions, while building strong partnerships with employees and communities.

Felons deserve a second chance because no one should have to be defined by their past. Everyone has a story and even if they have a felony, it is beneficial to find out their story and how they have grown since that situation. Given the second chance, someone defined as a felon can prove why they are worth that second opportunity at life.

About LKQ

LKQ is the leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles. LKQ focuses on the quality of their products because it then allows them to provide lifetime warranties on recycled and aftermarket collision products.

LKQ Corporation was formed in 1998 by Donald Flynn with the goal of providing quality auto parts to a fragments industry. LKQ formed with three acquisitions: Triplet Auto Recyclers, Damron Auto Parts, and Star Auto Parts.

LKQ has locations in North America, Europe, and Taiwan with roughly 51,000 employees, 1,700 locations, spread across 31 countries, and approximately 97 million miles driven annually. In October 2019, during their third quarter meeting, LKQ stated that they had total revenue growth of .8% driven by organic parts and services revenue of 2.3% (.9% on a per day basis).

LKQ Corporation offers the standard benefits to their employees. They offer medical, dental, vision, 401k (company match), tuition reimbursement, and paid time off. They also offer highly transferable skills and progression opportunity across the organization.

People like working here because there is the opportunity for growth. LKQ focuses on their employees because they understand that having reliable employees means better relationships with customers. Working for a company that focuses on employees creates a positive atmosphere.

Does LKQ Hire Felons

From our research, there is conflicting information on whether felons have been hired in the past. Some sources state that felons have been hired before, whereas others state no felons have been hired.

Since LKQ has locations throughout North America, our research has shown that multiple locations in North America have had employees/managers that were previous felons.

Does LKQ Run Background Checks

From our research, LKQ does run background checks. They go back approximately five years on their background checks. This could become beneficial for a felon that received their felony longer then five years.

Our research did not indicate when the background check happens. Research states that the background check is lengthy and handled through the human resources department.

Careers at LKQ

When attempting to apply at LKQ, they have their jobs split up into sections. Their featured careers are driver, warehouse, sales, and technician jobs.

Driver jobs are key to the achievement of LKQ’s mission. They are the face of the company by interacting with customers daily. Driver jobs are Delivery Driver, Shuttle Driver, and Tow Drivers.

Warehouse employees are considered the heart and soul of the company. These employees are constantly moving around the warehouse and lifting/carrying objects. Warehouse jobs are Warehouse Worker, Material Handler, and Warehouse Manager.

Sales jobs consist of gaining experience while learning about the industry, parts, and products of LKQ. Sales jobs include sales rep, heavy truck sales rep, retail sales and counter sales, and inside sales rep.

Technician jobs are hands-on and fast paced. Roles consist of Auto Technician, Heavy Duty Truck Technician, Dismantler, and Production Technician. There is opportunity to be promoted from within if you excel in your current role.

Application Process at LKQ

Based on the country/area you’re looking to apply to will change where you apply on their site. Once on the careers page, North America and Europe links will come up. Click on one of the links and it’ll show all available jobs in that location.

Since research indicated background checks only go as far back as three to five years, if the felony has passed that time, it could be beneficial to lie. Reason to lie is because there is a high probability the felony wouldn’t show up.

If the question were to come up in the interview, explain that it was left off the application because you figured it would show up in the background check. Also, if it was awhile ago, state that timeframe and why it hasn’t been a constant thought.

To be successful at LKQ, follow their mission statement. LKQ prides themselves on their mission and expect every employee to follow that. Also, they pride themselves on their employees so being hardworking and ready to learn will help.

Tips for the interview with LKQ are to dress professionally and come in with knowledge on their company. Also, understand the position that was applied for. That understanding can change the interviewers view on the applicant.

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