Does Buckeye Partners Hire Felons?

Buckeye Partners, L.P. is a petroleum and oil distributor that manages petroleum pipelines and over 100 truck-loading terminals. Their emphasis is on creating logistical solutions to transporting petroleum and creating a safe environment for their employees.

Felons deserve the opportunity to work in a safe work environment. A criminal record can keep an otherwise qualified candidate from receiving job offers, which can hurt a felon’s progress reintegrating into society. Steady, safe employment is crucial to success after prison.

About Buckeye Partners

Buckeye Partners is headquartered in Houston, Texas and services truck-loading terminals across the eastern United States. They also operate over 6,000 miles of petroleum pipeline.

The company began in 1886 under the name The Buckeye Pipe Line Company. It was then incorporated into John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil company.

Today, Buckeye Partners operates in 26 states, and over 200 counties. Employees voted it as one of Lehigh Valley’s and the Houston Chronicle’s “2014 Top Workplaces.”

Employees at Buckeye Partners receive many benefits including medical, dental, and disability insurance. It also provides paid time off and paid holidays.

Buckeye Partners appeals to its employees through its competitive compensation packages and variety of locations. Buckeye also focuses on diversity and safe workplaces, making it an excellent employer for every background.

Does Buckeye Partners Hire Felons?

Buckeye Partners does not explicitly say on its website whether it will hire felons. The business code of conduct from the company website only states that it values employee and customer safety on site and at the employee level. Applications also do not say whether felons will be considered.

Our research leads us to believe that Buckeye Partners probably does not hire felons because of the strong policies in place surrounding trustworthiness and safety in the workplace. Our conclusions only cover information available as of December 2019, and the company’s policy could change at any point in the future.

Does Buckeye Partners Run Background Checks?

Buckeye Partners explains on its Contact Us page that it uses The Work Number from Equifax to verify its employees. This verification authenticates an applicant’s identity, employment and education information, and tax history.

While most of this verification is linked with an applicant’s employment history, felons may find themselves at a disadvantage because of a lack of employment history. Additionally, Buckeye is able to verify an applicant’s Social Security Number and compare it to public records that can uncover a criminal record.

Careers at Buckeye Partners

Most of Buckeye Partners’ positions involve practical, hands-on work managing its pipelines, but there are also other careers open that are crucial to maintaining the company’s operations.

Pipeliners at Buckeye Partners prepare an area for pipeline to be laid. The best applicants have strong analytical skills and work well under pressure.

Buckeye Partners hires many Terminal Operators who maintain good relationships with customers and maintain the terminal’s operations, equipment, and storage. This position often requires working outside of normal business hours.

Maintenance Technicians are responsible for the mechanical upkeep of Buckeye Partners’ pipelines, terminals, and other facilities. Common tasks include troubleshooting faulty machinery and training others on how to use new equipment.

One of Buckeye Partners’ less technical positions is for its Terminal Schedulers. Terminal Schedulers manage product inventory at terminals and schedule product movement with customers.

Network Associates at Buckeye Partners oversee the company’s network infrastructure. These employees provide on-call network support and work to improve and upgrade LAN/WAN infrastructure.

Application Process at Buckeye Partners

You can apply for these positions and more online at Buckeye Partner’s website ( Their official job board updates regularly, and you will need to provide your resume in addition to filling out the online

Throughout the application process, be upfront about your criminal record. Buckeye Partners’ background check makes it easy for interviewers to find your history, so lying about it will reflect poorly on you.

Because Buckeye Partners has a strong focus on employee safety, you will want to address your past during your interview due to the negative stigma surrounding felons. Explain to your interviewer how your experiences have taught you how to maintain a safe environment for yourself and the people around you.

Finally, be sure to emphasize your work experience related to the position you’re applying for. Show your interviewer that your criminal record is not related to your character and the skills you have that make you a good fit for the job.

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