Does Qdoba Hire Felons?

Qdoba is a North American fast, casual restaurant chain focused on Mexican-style cuisine.

Not all felons have committed the same number and type of crimes, and not all crimes have been committed recently. A felony on a job application could be from vandalizing someone’s car as a college freshman years ago.

About Qdoba

Qdoba is located mostly in the U.S.A. with a few locations in Canada as well. Qdoba is a restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food such as burritos and quesadillas.

Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser founded Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill in 1995. In 1997 they renamed the restaurant to Z-Teca Mexican Grill after a lawsuit. In 1999 they renamed the restaurant again to Qdoba Mexican Eats to avoid another lawsuit.

Qdoba has 750 locations around North America with over 1,000 employees working for them. Qdoba also won USA Today’s “Best Fast Casual Restaurant” award in 2019.

Part-time employees at Qdoba’s receive an employee discount as well as some free food items. Full-time employees get more this in addition to more job training and a 401k as well as basic insurance and dental.

Based on our research what Qdoba employees enjoy most about working for the company is its friendly work environment and how flexible their work schedules are.

Does Qdoba Hire Felons?

Based on our research Qdoba is willing to hire felons for certain entry-level positions, but not for many of its other, higher level jobs. This may change from store to store with different location maangers being more or less likely to hire felons for different jobs depending on their views.

Qdoba has no official publicly available policy on hiring felons, to this information comes from other online sources. These sources say that Qdoba does hire felons for entry level positions but not higher level ones. There are also a small number of sources that say Qdoba does or does not hire felons for positions at every level.

Does Qdoba run background checks?

Qdoba does not keep a publicly available policy that shows whether or not they run background checks on new employees.

Some job offerings like catering driver say they involve background checks related to the job like looking for past DUIs and DWIs to make sure the applicant can be trusted with a vehicle.

Careers At Qdoba

Most of Qdoba’s entry level jobs will be in their restaurants either preparing food, helping customers or both so cooking skills and customer service are important in this company.

The most common job at Qdoba is called a team member and focuses on greeting and waiting on customers as well as keeping the store clean. The job requires teamwork with other Qdoba employees and strong customer service skills.

Qdoba needs cooks to make the food they serve, which requires knowing how to follow recipes and keep a clean workstation. Cooks at Qdoba prepare and test meals for quality while also keeping the front service line stocked for customers.

Line servers help customers by informing them about Qdoba’s menu and preparing food on the front serving line. Line servers are expected to keep a clean station, work quickly and engage customers at the line while they work.

Qdoba locations have bars that need bartenders to prepare drinks, engage customers and keep track of supplies for the bar. Bartenders may also have to take over at the restaurant line if needed.

Qdoba also caters events so drivers are needed to help move food to catering locations. Catering drivers need their own vehicle and a driver’s license. They also need to pass a MVR report to establish 36 months of good driving history and no DUIs or DWIs for the past five years.

Application Process At Qdoba

You can apply for jobs at Qdoba on their website here and use the career search to find specific jobs or enter the talent community to get regular job updates.

Hiring managers do not like being lied to so when you fill out your job application be honest about your past and be prepared to discuss it during interviews.

When writing your job application to Qdoba make sure you focus on any experience or education relevant to the job you want. Since the company also puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork make sure you highlight any skills or past jobs that involved teamwork.

Before taking an interview get familiar with the menu at Qdobas, what they sell regularly and what it looks like. Knowing the food could help you get a job in cooking, serving, waiting or catering.

Since Qdoba is almost exclusively focused on customer service and promotes its fun-loving culture a lot try to be friendly and social during your interview process.

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