Does Rumpke Hire Felons?

Rumpke is a trash and recycling company. They work with both residential and commercial areas.

Working is a key part of the transition back to society after your release. Not only does it help keep you out of trouble, but you have earned the right. You served your time and you have the same rights as anyone to work.

Below you will find information about Rumpke and its application process.

About Rumpke

Rumpke provides trash collection and recycling services. They also provide portable restrooms and machine repairs, among other services.

Rumpke’s founder, William F. Rumpke, first ran a junkyard and coal business. He started his first recycling business in 1941. He created several waste collection businesses with his son in the years following.

Today, Rumpke has about 3,000 employees. Between 2000 and 2018, the business won 30+ awards. From 2013-2018, they won the Driver of the Year award yearly.

Rumpke offers health and life insurance to its employees. It provides 401(k)’s as well. Employees also have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

People enjoy working at Rumpke for other reasons as well. Being a family owned business, Rumpke has a very friendly and close-knit workforce. There is also room for career advancement.

Does Rumpke Hire Felons?

Research shows that Rumpke does hire felons. But, this may vary. The nature of the crime and how long since it occurred will play a role.

The company may view some crimes as more serious than others. Violent or sexual crimes are examples. The older the conviction, the more likely you are to get hired as well.

Does Rumpke Run Background Checks?

Research also indicates that Rumpke runs background checks. In general, they include criminal history and driving history. They will likely also include a drug test.

Criminal history checks show any charge on your record. This includes both felony and misdemeanor offenses. If you get hired in a driving position, you will need to pass a driver’s history check. These show traffic offenses, accidents, and DUI’s.

Drug tests show any drugs in your system. These include prescription and illegal drugs. Prescription drugs are fine as long as you have a valid prescription from your doctor. Illegal drugs will likely get you disqualified.

Careers at Rumpke

There are a few entry level jobs at Rumpke. Some of them include;

  • Route auditor
  • Scale operator
  • Pup truck driver
  • General laborer
  • Customer service representative

Route auditors ride along with drivers. They are responsible for gathering data about the driver and route. They are also responsible for identifying and reporting safety violations. You need to have basic computer skills, a clean driving record, and be able to read a map.

Scale operators weigh vehicles to determine charges. For this job, you need basic math skills and proficient computer skills.

Pup truck drivers collect trash and recycling along assigned routes. This job involves lifting and exposure to weather. You also need to have a valid license and clean driving record for this job. You must be at least 21 years old.

General laborers work in a variety of settings. They do groundskeeping and material handling tasks. They may also do very light repair work. Again, physical labor and weather exposure are a part of this job. You also need a valid driver’s license.

Customer service representatives get calls from customers. You should be aware of company policies. You should also have great typing and other computer skills.

Application Process at Rumpke

Rumpke has its job applications available online. Click on the job you want and then click “apply now”. You are then directed to create an account. After that, the website will take you through the rest of the application.

For your criminal record, the most important thing to remember is to be honest. It is not a deal breaker. But, it might be if they find out from a background check instead of you. This reflects on your character.

In the interview, if they ask about it, let them know the facts of the case. Keep emotions out of it as best you can. Also, let them know about what you have done to better yourself since your conviction.

Rumpke prides itself on its family oriented atmosphere. Make sure you list interpersonal skills and any customer service experience. Also let them know about your technical skills and training as well.

Before applying, check to see if you need any special certifications. Your felony record may get in the way of that. So, make sure you look into that first.

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