Does Lockheed Martin Hire Felons?

Lockheed Martin is an international security and aerospace company based in the U.S.A.

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About Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin designs, develops and sells products related to aircraft, weapons systems, defense systems and space exploration to customers including private companies, civilians, militaries, and governments.

Lockheed Martin began in 1995 when the Lockheed Corporation and the Martin Marietta Corporation merged. The Lockheed Corporation was an aerospace company founded in 1926 while Martin Marietta was founded in 1961 when the Glenn L. Martin Company merged with the American-Marietta Corporation.

Lockheed Martin maintains 44 offices across the world with 105,000 employees. Lockheed Martin has won numerous awards for their workplace culture and diverse hiring practices.

Lockheed Martin provides many forms of insurance coverage, retirement plans, 401(k) plans as well as paid vacation and holidays. The company also keeps wellness and fitness centers at their locations.

Based on our research what Lockheed Martin employees enjoy most about their company are the extensive pay and benefits as well as the welcoming company culture.

Does Lockheed Martin Hire Felons?

Lockheed Martin does not have a publicly available policy on whether or not they hire felons. This information is also not found in any of their online job postings or descriptions. Based on our research of other online sources Lockheed Martin does not hire felons for any position at any level.

Most online sources say that Lockheed Martin does not hire felons under any circumstances for any position whatsoever. There are some sources, however, that say Lockheed Martin does hire felons so the position may change from location to location in the company depending on who is in charge of hiring.

Does Lockheed Martin run background checks?

Lockheed Martin does not state anywhere on their website or in their job applications whether or not they run background checks on new employees.

Most online sources say that Lockheed Martin does run background checks during job applications but not what those background checks involve or how thorough they are.

Careers At Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is a company that focuses on aeronautics and space technology for both military and civilian customers so many of their positions will require a higher education and lots of experience.

One common position at Lockheed Martin is as a Service Mechanic Associate. The position involves helping to repair, maintain, create and test various instruments and equipment for the company.

Lockheed Martin also needs software engineers to help develop, maintain and test computer systems on their projects. Software engineers also correct programing errors and debug software systems.

Systems engineers work on both the software and the hardware of computers as well as helping integrate computer systems into other projects and operate them.

Engineering planners work to create schedules and measure resources for engineering projects. They also looks for ways to keep engineers on track to reach scheduled deadlines.

Contract Negotiators help to arrange contracts, determine if they have been met, renegotiate them if necessary and keep communication open between both parties in the contract.

Application Process At Lockheed Martin

You can apply for jobs at Lockheed Martin online at this page by searching based on locations and/or keywords or by creating a profile for their Talent Community.

While our research suggests Lockheed Martin does not hire felons you should still be honest on any job application you send to the company. This will show your honesty and integrity to the company.

For a company like Lockheed Martin with many high skill positions at all levels make sure to focus on any important higher education and job experience you have in your job application or resume.

Lockheed Martin has many government and military contracts so you should also highlight any past government or military work that might be relevant to the position you are applying for.

Some positions at Lockheed Martin will need extra clearance after you have applied for them so prepare for additional tests, checks and interviews if applying for certain jobs.

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