Does Office Depot Hire Felons?

Office Depot is an office supply company composed of four banner brands: Office Depot, CompuCom, Grand & Toy, and Office Max. In total there are approximately 1,400 stores spanning the United States of America. The various storefronts host a variety of possible job opportunities including retail, sales, supply-lines, and technical support.

Stores with this variety of opportunities are vital resources for previously convicted felons to re-introduce themselves into everyday life. Whereas, without the ability to grow economically or socially, 68% of felons fall back into a life of crime due to financial stress and a lack of a proper support system. Since they are, in the career market, defined by their crimes, they find it nearly impossible to take the necessary financial steps to break away from their past life and previous social circles, both of which are strong influences on their decisions to delve into criminal activity.

About Office Depot

Office Depot is a business and service provider for small to medium sized businesses. They handle any business solution from office chairs, to computers, to paper. Aside from retail, they also provide printing services, IT solutions, and graphic design.

The company was founded by F. Patrick Sher in 1987 in Lauderdale, Florida. Within one year, Office Depot went public thanks to the help of Chairman David. I. Fuente. Soon after, they held a strong intention to conquer the international market, buying out companies in Canada and opening stores in both Columbia and Israel. Not long after, they had developed relationships with Japan and France. Then, in 2013, they officially signed a merger with Office Max, thus increasing global efficiency.

Office Depot has acclaimed itself to award winning standards for both retail and e-commerce. With a strong focus on diversity and special intention towards supporting, and increasing numbers of women in the workforce, Office Depot is joining the movement to create an employee base where all voices are heard. The company has 38,000 employees, a well developed e-commerce division, and, as previously mentioned, 1,400 stores nationwide, making it one of the largest office supply companies in the world.

Any employee of Office Depot can expect to see a multitude of benefits. They have health benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage, financial plans, including retirement, investment, paid time off, and life/auto insurance, and career advancement including leadership programs and training resources.

Even without taking into account the listed benefits, employees find themselves greatly enjoying their careers at Office Depot. Minorities know that they are prioritized, backed by a company awarded in 2019 by The Black EOE Journal, the Hispanic Network, the Human Rights best place to work for LGBTQ, and Professional Women’s Magazine. There is a special program in place targeted towards providing jobs for US. Veterans, and reasonable accommodations for disabilities. There’s a place for everyone to fill out their own personal niche at Office Depot, because Office Depot has an endless variety of departments.

Does Office Depot Hire Felons?

Based on our research, Office Depot has no set policy for hiring felons. We have compiled information from  a broad array of resources, and it appears that they do a very thorough background check, which the success of an interview hinges on. This is not to say that they wouldn’t hire a previously convicted felon. On their website, they state in the job description of various positions: “We will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.” It is also possible that, if the felon’s conviction is over 15 years old, it may not count against them in the hiring process, but we have found that to be a more general standard by state justice systems than one specifically of Office Depot.

Those with a felony actively on their record can not necessarily expect to move forward into the interviewing process with Office Depot, as they are very ambiguous on their hiring policy for those with previous convictions. Alongside their background check, Office Depot also performs thorough drug testing as a function of their interviews and will not accept candidates with illegal substances in their systems. Therefore, the outcome of an interview relies heavily on the applicant’s abilities to prove their capabilities, level of responsibility, and credibility.

Does Office Depot run background checks?

Office depot does do background checks, but the checks are performed after initial interviews. They are beginning to partner with an external company to help smaller businesses utilize Office Depot’s tools and perform background checks as well. They give insight to their own interview and background check processes in the instructions they’ve laid out for smaller business to reference.

They start by gathering basic information, deciding if a candidate meets enough of the job qualifications (listed in the job description) to become an official candidate. They conduct one or two interviews to decide if the candidate is right for the position they applied for, and maybe try to redirect them to a different position. Following those interviews, they perform a background check. In background checks, it is generally legal for companies to see past convictions,and driving related offenses, depending on the type and scope of checks requested. Once all information is gathered, the company will decide if the applicant is, indeed, qualified for the position.

Careers At Office Depot

Working at Office Depot opens doors to a variety of positions, benefits, and locations. There is a broad range of jobs available to applicant, and candidates are more than likely going to find the niche they fit into best.

Among the first common positions is the Sales Consultant. Sales Consultants are the face to the stores, ensuring that each customer is greeted, engaged, and that their needs are met. The consultant should expect to build a strong understanding of products and services available to every customer and make suggestions when needs are brought up.

Becoming a Merchandising Stock Associate is another way to join the store front. Stock Associates can expect to work with customers, but are further focused on keeping the store organized, following a set blueprint for individual sections and overall store layout. They’re job is crucial to maintaining an easily flowing store where goods are conveniently located, and always to grab off the shelves.

Moving out of the sales arena, candidates can also find jobs at the warehouses supplying the chains. If a candidate decides to become a Warehouse Associate, they can expect to refill bins and use pallet jacks to organize, condense, and flow through product to go out on, or coming in from, delivery. Warehouse Associates must be able to maintain a safe working environment as they are working light machinery and, sometimes, groups of other associates.

A step up from Warehouse Associate, an Equipment Operator will need to have their OSHA certification as they are the workers charged with operating the heavier equipment necessary to load and unload deliveries. Equipment Operators are expected to take more initiative that warehouse associates, by making more suggestions, and taking more initiative.

Office Associates will still find themselves in a warehouse setting, but perform more clerical duties.  Their duties include answering phones, assisting the general manager in their functions, review outgoing material and inventory incoming, and maintain a chain of command for requests.

Application Process At Office Depot

In order to apply to Office Depot, first go to their application website: On this web address, the best course of action is to click on “Job Areas” to access the drop down menu, then click on whichever arena best fits your interest: Retail, Supply Chain, Sales, Cooperate. Upon choosing your field, you can choose to “View all [name of field]  jobs” or simply look to the positions that are already pulled up based on your locality. Once you click on the heading of the job you’re most interested in, the site will give you a detailed description of job expectations and duties. If you believe you’re well fit for the job, click “Apply” which will walk you through the entire online application.

When it comes to the application process, please consider giving full disclosure to the company about past convictions. Honesty gives you the control of the conversation and builds your integrity in the eyes of the company. Once you’ve come forward with your previous convictions, also state the various programs and activities you’ve since undergone to change past behaviors and difficulties.

A great way to prove yourself is to have a list of strong personal references. Consider having at least three individuals that can vouch for your work ethic, social skills, and dependability. It is preferred that not all your references come from your private life. Consider asking previous bosses, teachers, parole officers, etc to be references for you so Office Depot can call them and verify your abilities.

Accentuate your strengths when it comes to interviewing with Office Depot. If you are a social person, discuss with them how you would handle a variety of situations in the retail department. If you like to keep to yourself, or do not want to work with the public, be honest about your intentions to stay out of the retail side. Instead, explain how valuable you could be in the warehouse, discuss the various logistical skills you have that could aid with organization, machine operations, and record keeping.

Overall, always try to be a team player. Office depot is a company who’s pride lies in their work environment. They want people that get along with their people, whether that be a retail worker that can talk to any customer, or a warehouse associate that blends well with their team. Being a team player is essential to the interview with Office Depot and will greatly affect their decision of who to hire.

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