Does International Paper Hire Felons?

International Paper is an international supplier of paper, packing supplies, and pulp used for hygiene products. Although their headquarters lies in Memphis, Tennessee, they have locations in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Some of their products include brands such as HP, Kodak, and Duo.

It is important that companies with large distribution arenas and varieties of resources, such as International Papers, consider hiring felons. Felons are an overlooked asset to the workforce and have valuable resources to offer companies. Organizations that reach such a great scope of the world give their individual employees a sense of importance, that they are making a difference in the world and helping their community. Losing this sense of purpose is often what causes previously convicted felons to return to a life of crime. Therefore, companies that hire felons can aid equally in decreasing crime rates, and increasing the value of their own workforce.

About International Paper

International Paper focuses on distributing paper through the six continents with whom they’ve created business relationships. Their primary product is paper, but they also provide companies with various packing materials, and corrugated packaging designed to transport fresh fruit and vegetables all around the world. They have set a standard for themselves to perform sustainable logging, and maintain renewable resources.

International Papers was founded in 1898 by Hugh J. Crisholm, by merging together 18 pulp plants to become the supplier for 60% of the country. It started international expansion one hundred years later, in 1986, buying plants in Germany, France, and India. Over time, the company developed premier methods in sustainability practices, and is now a leader in environmental protection and social programs benefiting the various local communities from which they operate.

International Paper has been acclaimed by a number of awards, including Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, Etisphere Institute’s World’s Most Ethical Companies 2018, Institutional Investor’s Most Honored Company 2018, and Women’s Choice Award for Best Companies for Millenial Women 2018. They are now 52,000 employees strong with over 200 facilities nationwide (US).

An employee of International Paper can expect to see benefits ranging from health care coverage, dental insurance, life insurance, holiday pay and paid vacation. Atop the working benefits, they also offer retirement programs, including 401k’s matched by company funds, and tuition reimbursement for school programs that fit into the company’s requirements.

Employees of International Paper report having a great work-life balance, a wonderful work environment, and benefits that truly operate in their favor. They do mention that there are many long hours involved in the day to day tasks, but the compensation is well worth the work and the company is flexible in working with its employees.

Does International Paper Hire Felons?

After compiling information from a variety of resources, we found that International Paper has a history of hiring felons, but they do not actively state that they do so. Their database records hold a number of previously convicted individuals as listed employees.

Upon reading a variety of their job descriptions, they accentuate drug screening and continual drug testing more so than background checks. Therefore, applying felons will most likely find the company scrutinizing their sobriety rather than their past criminal activity.

Does International Paper run background checks?

Looking at a variety of job listings with International Paper, we found that they do background checks and drug testing with nearly every position. There is an emphasis on drug testing in the machinery positions, but more attention to background checks in supervisor and customer service roles.

Not every position states that you must pass a background check in order to get the job, although there is a common emphasis on drug sobriety on all positions. Their primary concern is safety in the work environment, and therefore are more concerned about impaired judgement than past history. That is still not to say that they may decline further interviews due to a hit on a background check, they simply don’t emphasize background checks in their careers or job searches.On a background check they may pull any information from past convictions, to traffic violations. Compiling this information, after personal interviews and first impressions, will define the direction of their assessment of who to hire for what position.

Careers At International Paper

International Paper is well known for a great work environment and a strong array of benefits. Workers can expect to be well taken care of, and that they can speak up and the supervisors will listen to them. Across the globe, with a wide variety of distributors and suppliers, the chain of command has very clear cut lines of communication, preventing delays in getting necessary help, materials, or answers to inquiries from employees.

One of the opening positions is New Hire. A new hire may also be called a General Factory Helper and the position details include general housekeeping, feeding and stacking various machines, general hand labor, and assisting machine operators.

Hire-In is a position very similar to New Hire, but offers more independence. As a hire-in, the candidate will focus primarily on setting up, cleaning up, and running the printing converting equipment. Hire-in’s report directly to the converting shift supervisor and will perform duties requested by the shift supervisor and press operator as well as the assignments provided in their job.

Mechanical Maintenance Associates will perform basic maintenance of machines, including replacing gaskets/valves, basic welding, tubing installations, and motor replacements. They prefer candidates with one year experience in the maintenance field, preferably machine maintenance, or candidates that have at least one year welding experience.

If interested, you can become a Baler. The duties of a Baler include moving pallets and organizing incoming/outgoing orders, some housekeeping duties, stacking bundles on pallets, and operating some light machinery.

As with many companies, there is also an opportunity to become a Customer Service Representative. As a representative, some of your duties will include communicating order statuses to customers, verifying and adjusting warehouse inventory, and conducting business with farmout suppliers.

Application Process At International Paper

The first step in choosing to apply to International Paper is to go to their careers website: and click “search open positions.” Since they are such a large company, you will want to narrow your results with the filters on the left hand side of the page. Make sure to choose the correct country, language, and state to begin your search, then click “search jobs.” Once the open jobs load, be sure to read the position descriptions thoroughly to make sure you’re a good fit. When you find a position you are interested in, click “apply” and the website will bring you to a page where you can create an account, where you can also opt to allow recruiters from International Paper to contact you. Once you’ve created your account, you can create your candidate profile, including your resume, various skills, and any other important documents you would desire managers to see. After your account is fully set up, all you have to do to apply to positions is click “apply.”

When it comes to building your profile, there are some details to keep in mind. List your most applicable skills/experiences first. Don’t make recruiters hassle by digging into your profile in order to figure out if you have the skills to complete the job or not. The only place this may not apply is in the “Previous Work History” section, where you will want to list your work places from latest to most former.

Included in your attached documents should be a cover letter. A cover letter should create a solid impression of your demeanor, values, and work ethic. It is typically what recruiters and interviewers will read first before reading your resume and references. The tone of voice and confidence you portray in your cover letter can set the attitude for how they view your total application.

When it comes to your resume, pick and choose your various work histories to highlight work experiences best fit to the job you’re applying for. If you’re going to attach a list of references that include past employers, try to include the work history with those employers in your resume. Also, make the decision to be honest about your previous convictions. By opening up about your decisions, you display initiative in overcoming past behaviors, and build integrity with your honesty.

Finally, include a list of references. Choose a range of people from a broad spectrum of your life, including work, social, and, if applicable, parole officers.This list of references will allow employers to verify claims you’ve made about yourself in your application, cover letter, and resume, which will build trust in confidence in your abilities.

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