Does Metals USA Hire Felons?

Metals USA processes high quality steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of its many customers in the U.S.

Felons can learn from their mistakes. Giving them a second chance in the form of steady jobs and income helps them to rejoin society and become lawful citizens.

About Metals USA

Metals USA is a leading metals company in the United States. It offers metal sheets, coils, plates, strips and other parts all processed from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The company began in August 1966 in Florida selling to commercial and defense industrial customers. It expanded rapidly, and by 2009 had sold almost 200,000 tons of product in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Metals USA has won awards as a leading company. One award is Physical Metals Service Provider of the Year. A second award is being one of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

Online research shows employee benefits are better than average. The company guarantees 40-hour workweeks and good pay. It provides medical insurance, 401k, and vacation pay.

Employees value the company’s friendly attitude and constant work. They also appreciate Metals USA’s strict safety rules. They attend weekly safety meetings, and commit to doing jobs right the first time.

Does Metals USA Hire Felons?

Online research shows that the company does hire felons, and has done so in the past. It practices and adheres to the policy of equal employment opportunities for applicants.

The Metals USA hiring process includes reviewing a felon’s conviction(s) and time since release from supervision. It also takes into account the criminal’s skills and experience.

Does Metals USA Run Background Checks?

Online research shows that the company does regular background checks going back for seven years. They include proof of identity, as well as education, past employment and criminal records.

Physical examinations including urine, blood, and hair samples for drug testing are routine. If hired, a new hire has more drug checks during a probation period of about twenty days.

Careers at Metals USA

Metals USA commits to developing its employees to their fullest potential. Some open jobs are:

A Buyer Trainee. He works full-time with a Depot Manager learning how to buy materials, assess their value, and negotiate their best price. He also learns customer relations.

A Recycle Center Yard Helper. He processes metal parts for shipment. He inspects loads of parts, and sorts the materials in a recycling location. He keeps his work area clean.

A Packaging Line Employee. He weighs metal parts and products, and sorts them. He then packs, crates and packages them for shipping. He assists other machine workers.

A Shipping Clerk. He oversees the packing of various parts and products for shipping. He also does the related paperwork. He gets parts loaded to shippers and trucks on time.

A Commercial Class A Truck Driver. He must have a safe driver certification. He transports steel products to suppliers and customers, and storage and processing locations.

Application Process at Metals USA

You can apply for a job online or in person at a Metals USA Company.

To apply online, go to the Metals USA website. (See link below) Click on the “Open Positions” button. Enter the job and location you want, and search.

If you are aware of an issue that could hurt your application and you can correct it before your interview, do so. The responsibility you show will increase your credibility with the company.

Include in your application how you improved your life in prison as well as after your release from supervision. If you worked at a job in prison, include what you learned. If you are working now, do the same.

Include any new skills you learned in prison and since your release. Write down how they are helping you to improve your life.

Include in your application why you want a job with Metals USA. Be honest. Include how the skills you have and those you learned recently can help Metals USA.

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