Does Loram Hire Felons?

Loram is among the top companies in railroad infrastructure. They maintain railroads across the world with top-notch tech, safety, and integrity.

But would Loram welcome a felon to the team? Some argue that those of us who have committed a felony can’t live in “normal” society. But studies show that most felons have paid their dues and should have the opportunity to build a new life.

About Loram

Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc (Loram) is one of the top railway maintenance suppliers in the world. Their services include friction management, rail grinding, ballast maintenance, and other critical functions.

Loram was established in 1898 to build on the Canadian Pacific Railroad. In 1936, Loram shifted into railway maintenance out of growing necessity. Fixing railways has been their focus ever since.

Today, Loram employs over one-thousand people across sixteen countries with six global offices. The Loram headquarters in Hamel, MN, is LEED-certified. This reflects a dedication to helping the environment. Their machines maintain a ninety-eight percent reliability rating – another impressive feat!

Loram offers its employees an extensive benefits package. Including, a 401(k)-retirement plan matched by the company 150% up to the first 6% of income contributed. Loram offers medical and dental insurance packages, paid time off, and an employee assistance program (EAP) at no cost.

Working at Loram can be challenging, especially outside of the offices. But the generous benefits and competitive pay generally make up for the toil. Those who work on the railways appreciate the camaraderie and the opportunity to travel around the world.

Does Loram Hire Felons?

Loram gives people from nearly all walks of life the chance to create a career. This includes those with a felony.

However, Loram does not allow all felons. The type of felony, the number of committed offenses, and the time of conviction are considered. Felons should speak to a recruiter to find out whether their record is acceptable.

Does Loram Run Background Checks?

Loram runs a background check on all who apply for work. Criminal history, prior employment, school history, and driving record are all reviewed.

Reviews may differ from country to country. Those applying may go through more checks depending on the job location.

Careers at Loram

You don’t need a railway maintenance background to work at Loram. They welcome teammates across a wide range of experiences.

General Laborer is the most common position at Loram. They run and maintain the equipment on the tracks. This role requires long hours of hard work in all kinds of weather, and with lots of travel.

Quality Engineers are vital to the development of new machines and procedures. They make sure drawings are up to code and test new equipment for defects.

Data Analysts make sure all machines are running at peak condition. They collect and analyze data from onboard computers and report findings as needed.

Staff Accountants help make sure Loram’s money is where it should be. They post transaction journals, analyze ledger activity, and assist with auditing. They also work with other accounting groups to track all assets and transactions.

Fresh out of school or looking for a career change? Internships and Summer Helper jobs are great ways to gain some resume experience. These positions include general labor, software engineering, and accounting, among others.

Application Process at Loram

Finding work at Loram is almost as easy as the application process. Loram posts openings on their Careers portal and job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and others.

Whether it be on the Loram career page or the job board, click on the link to the position. A profile will be necessary for application; follow the instructions when prompted.

Fill out the application, then attach your resume and cover letter. The first few rounds of communication will be through email, so be sure to check your email daily.

Depending on the role, you may be issued a pre-application assessment. Complete this promptly and to the best of your ability.

If invited for an interview, make sure you arrive early and look the part. Answer all questions with clarity and honesty. Also, ask questions of your own. Hiring is a two-way street; you won’t know if the job fits you if you don’t ask!

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