Does Humana Hire Felons?

One often-debated topic among employers is whether felons can function in the workplace. Some argue that felons will never learn from their mistakes. Yet, many studies also show that felons completely reform after their punishments.

Humana is a corporation that takes pride in creating a diverse work environment. But, does Humana include felons in their culture?

About Humana

Humana is a for-profit provider of Medicare, Medicaid, dental, and vision plans. Medicare and Medicaid help senior citizens, low-income individuals, and those on disability.

Humana started in 1961 in Louisville, KY, as a nursing home company named Extendicare. Extendicare expanded into hospital management and changed its name to Humana in 1974. In 1983, Humana created its own insurance plan and focused on coverage ever since.

Humana has been one of the top companies to work for over the last decade. Forbes magazine rated Humana as the #1 healthcare provider in customer satisfaction. In fact, this will be the fourth consecutive year on the top-100 list of ‘America’s Best Corporate Citizens.’

Satisfaction doesn’t stop at the customer level. Each Humana employee receives an extensive benefits package to start. They also receive life insurance, a retirement plan, and paid time off. Of course, it’s not all about the benefits. A healthy work-life balance keeps employees refreshed and spirits high.

Does Humana Hire Felons?

Individuals carrying a felony offense must do their homework before job-hunting. Many laws, over time, have prevented hiring discrimination. But many companies will only allow those with specific types of felonies to be eligible.

A convicted felon can work for Humana. But the felony cannot relate to healthcare, dishonesty, or breach of trust. A convicted felon will also be ineligible if he or she cannot accept federal aid.

Does Humana Run Background Checks?

Before hiring, Humana runs a series of background checks. These cover prior criminal activity, social security, education, and previous employment, among others.

Some roles at Humana need a second set of background checks. These checks cover driving record, proof of insurance, and a Tuberculosis screening, among others.

Careers at Humana

Humana is a corporation with hundreds of employees across dozens of roles. Some of these positions are at the headquarters in Louisville, KY. Others are at Humana pharmacies across 8 states. There are even roles allowing employees to work from home.

Sales Representative is the most common role at Humana. These teammates present products and services to eligible individuals. They also follow up with existing customers to make sure they get what they need.

Pharmacy Technician is another common position at Humana. This role provides customer service and performs administrative and clerical tasks.

Humana has many Claim Specialist roles across the country. This position helps customers solve issues related to existing or potential claims.

Patient care is also provided by Humana. Primary Care Physicians (PCP), Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Assistants are the most common.

Of course, Humana needs to adapt to today’s ever-changing tech. Software Engineers and Technology Consultants are vital towards keeping Humana with the times.

Application Process at Humana

Humana takes pride in providing the best experience for their customers and employees. But these improvements are not limited to current employees. Applying to work at Humana is a natural process.

You can read about what Humana has to offer on their Careers page. Then, search for specific openings using the links available. Begin by filling out the application form (it takes about 15 minutes). Then attach your resume and cover letter. A recruiter will reach out if you meet the expected requirements.

Of course, an acceptable application, resume, and cover letter do not guarantee employment. You need to make a good impression with the recruiter first. Make sure you answer the questions with honesty and clarity.

Also, ask questions! The application process is a two-way street. Be sure to ask the recruiter questions to ensure you are going after the right position.

The final step is an interview with a Humana hiring manager. This will likely be an in-person interview. Make sure you dress the part and arrive early. Research potential questions to make sure you are ready. Don’t hide anything!

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