Does L Brands Hire Felons?

L-Brands is an international retail company that sells women’s apparel, accessories, lingerie and personal care and beauty products through their brands Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and PINK.

Most people in prison today will be released and the fact that we release people from prison at all shows felons are expected to return to society. But in order to return to society, they need to be given a chance to earn a way to support themselves. 

About L-Brands

Each of L-Brands properties sells different products for women including apparel, accessories and lingerie as well as personal care, hygiene, and cosmetic products. L-Brands primarily sells in North America with 2,869 Stores across the United States and Canada.

Leslie H. Wexner founded L-Brands in 1963 with his first store in the Kingsdale Shopping Center in Columbus, Ohio. Wexner originally called his store The Limited.

L-Brands runs 3,000 specialty stores worldwide with 650 franchised stores, 80,000 associates and $13.2 billion in sales in 2018. L-Brands is also recognized for its environmental work and has won several awards such as the WasteWise National Award in 2017 and 2018.

L-Brands provides benefits such as life insurance, 401(k) plans, parental leave and Employee Assistance Programs to eligible U.S. based employees. L-Brands also offers scholarships to qualifying college students.

Based on our research, what L-Brands employees love most about working for the company and its many brands is their fun corporate culture and fast-paced work environment.

Does L-Brands Hire Felons?

Based on our research L-Brands and its companies do not generally hire felons for open positions at any level. However, depending on what job you are applying for and which store you apply to this may change as different positions will have different requirements and different stores will have different hiring managers.

This information does not come from L-Brands directly since they do not have a publicly available policy for hiring felons. Multiple online sources say that the company does not hire felons at all, while a handful of other sources say the company does hire felons now under certain circumstances or for certain positions.

Does L-Brands run background checks?

On the L-Brands privacy policy the company states that they do run background checks for relevant jobs. Background checks are given when you apply for a job on their website.

L-Brands does not reveal what counts as a relevant job to get a background check or what they find in a background check.

Careers At L-Brands

Most jobs at L-Brands will require social skills either to work with customers, other employees or both in different positions across the company’s many brands.

Retail sales are a major part of L-Brands operations. Jobs in retail focus mainly on interacting with customers by selling products to them, directing them around the store or helping them at checkout. Retail employees can also help clean and stock their store.

L-Brand has many analyst positions for different department like marketing and design that help gather and interpret data for the company. Analyst jobs require strong technical skills and problem solving abilities.

Distribution centers offer jobs in shipping, processing, and operating lifters. These jobs focus on making sure products are stored, recorded and sent where they need to go. This can be either to an L-Brands property, a third-party retailer or directly to the customer.

Like any modern company L-Brands needs technical support to help it run smoothly. Technical support focuses on troubleshooting computer issues and requires an understanding of different operating systems as well as devices like printers and projectors.

L-Brands also employees to help maintain facilities with electrical, plumbing, engineering and construction work. Repair and maintenance jobs like this can be skilled or semi-skilled and can range from helping move furniture to helping fix company equipment.

Application Process At L-Brands

You can apply for jobs at L-Brands or any of its brands online at this page. You can search for jobs by keywords, brand, job type, or location with an adjustable search area.

When applying for a job, do not lie about your past criminal history on the application. If the company you are applying to discovers you have lied they may reject your application or fire you after the fact for lying.

L-Brands is both a corporation and a collection of brands so when applying for a position think about which company you are applying to and what in your resume is most relevant to that company.

Practice interviewing with a friend or family member before going into a real interview. Also be prepared to speak about your felon status if it comes up.

If you get the job pay close attention to everything you are told about your position and what to do. Also make sure you know who to go to if you have questions or concerns.

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