Does Crown Holdings Hire Felons?

Crown Holding’s, formerly known as Crown Cork and Seal Company, is an American made company currently located in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Crown is the leading global supplier of rigid packaging products to consumer marketing companies, transit and protective packaging companies, equipment and services to a broad range of end markets.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life, even felons. They made their mistakes, and now they need someone to give them the opportunity to be better than their past. If felons are provided the opportunity to vote, they should be provided a second chance and the opportunity of employment.

About Crown Holding’s

Crown Holding’s main objective, according to their site, is to provide innovative packaging to enhance brands and engage consumers. Products that are offered are aerosol cans, beverage packaging, closures and capping, food cans, promotional packaging, and transit packaging.

This company was founded in 1892 by William Painter with the original company name, Crown Cork and Seal Company of Baltimore. In 1906, Painter dies, and Crown has expanded their manufacturing base to Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Crown has 241 manufacturing plants and sales and service facilities in 47 countries with roughly 33,000 employees. In 2018, their new sales were $11.2 billion. Crown is the #1 producer of food cans and metal vacuum closures in the world, the #1 or #2 producer of aerosol cans in markets where they compete, and #2 producer of beverage cans in the world.

Crown offers a wide array of benefits for employees and their families. These benefits include healthcare coverage (medical, dental, vision, and prescription drugs), income protection benefits, long and short-term disability plan, life insurance, 401k, paid time off, tuition assistance programs, plus others.

People like working here because they get to work with people from different nationalities and different cultures. It’s a good place to work while in school. A guy in their video stated he likes working there because of the continuously changing environment and seeing different problems and being able to provide solutions.

Does Crown Holding’s Hire Felon’s?

Based on our research, it seems as though Crown has never hired someone with a felony. The only way a felon would get hired is if they had the qualifications the company is looking for.

Our research has found a statement from the company indicating that, “If the applicant has a prior conviction, he/she is most likely not to be hired unless there are certain considerations like previous job experience and certain qualifications.” Put down all previous employment, inside and outside prison, that could qualify a candidate with a felony background.

Does Crown Holding’s Run Background Checks?

Crown states that for the safety of all current employees, they do run background checks. With the consent of the candidate, the background check is conducted by a leading provider of pre-employment screening.

The background check is the final step before getting the, “yes you are hired.” As another safety measure, they do a drug screening which needs to be passed to gain employment. Based on our research, there is no definitive answer as to what is included in the background checks.

Careers at Crown Holding’s

Candidates that Crown is looking for are people with a four-year degree and relevant work experience/internships. The candidate needs to be able to function and work efficiently in an individual or group setting. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, have good multitasking skills, and complete tasks/projects by the deadline. Job positions highlighted are accounting, sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, and information services.

Accounting involves general accounting (fixed assets and accounts payable), manufacturing accounting (cost), internal audit, taxes, and payroll. People in this position learn how the business works while gaining an understanding of what drives businesses and profits.

Sales and Marketing is important because the company is marketing based. People in this job continue to develop relationships and trust with Crown’s customers. They focus on total customer satisfaction. Entry level members are exposed to the packaging business through education in the manufacturing process, exposure to latest innovations in packaging, and involved in business meetings.

Manufacturing and Production is a “hands-on” placement. Jobs in this field include supervision, quality assurance, statistical process control, human resources/industrial relations, engineering, production planning, purchasing, and environmental health and safety.

Information services connects every employee to all sites in every country. These individuals meet the technology needs of the company. Types of jobs in this field are e-commerce, telecommunications, AS/400 programming and operations, platforms, helpdesk, data, and security. Any placement a person is in involves support to internal clients and business partners.

Application Process at Crown Holding’s

When applying to Crown, they state to look through all the open listings and then complete the application for the job that is most fitting. All applications are reviewed by Human Resources and the hiring manager. If you qualify for the position by their standards, you’ll be invited for an interview. If you don’t qualify, Crown holds on to the resume.

Crown is not a company that has hired felons in the past, so this may be a time where it is best to lie on the application in order to get an interview. The reason to lie would be to show that you are not your past and not allowing the felony to define you.

If the question comes up in the interview, then be honest. Explain that it was X number of years ago and it has helped to change your life leading you to this opportunity at Crown.

The best way to be successful at Crown is to follow their four values. Customer Service, Continuous Improvement, People (team force), and Business Ethics. They believe in engagement and commitment, continuously investing in their people and focusing on value-added activities. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority. They also believe trust, honesty, and respect form the foundations for any healthy business.

Based on our research, the questions they tend to ask in interviews are tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in five years, and why do you want to work for Crown. These are all standard and typical interview questions so be honest, upbeat, and positive.

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