Does Walgreens Hire Felons?

Felony, pronounced as ‘fel?ne, refers to crimes which involve violence, and felons, people who commit felony, can be punished by detainment or worse, by death. Felons are often criticized because of their backgrounds.

However, they are indeed the same with each one of us: humans. Humans are able to change, so felons can, too. So why don’t we give them the second chance they deserve so much? 

About Walgreens

Walgreens is an American company offering health products and services in the United States. They specialize in filling prescriptions, health information and photo service.

Charles R. Walgreen, Sr. started Walgreens as a small drug store in 1901. Currently, they have more than 8,100 stores and the headquarters is in Deerfield, Illinois.

Walgreens holds the title of being the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the US. There are 8,177 operating Walgreens stores.

Employees receive benefits from the company such as medical, dental and vision plans and life insurances, along with a reasonable salary.

Workers are satisfied with their jobs because the company is a fun and productive place. They feel fulfilled as they help people.

Does Walgreens Hire Felons?

Based on various trustworthy sites, Walgreens hires felons. However, the chances of being hired depends upon the mindset of the manager.

The company hires felons albeit the nature of the felony’s nature matter. Your chance of getting hired depends on the severity of the crime committed.

The length of time which passed after the sentence may or may not matter. It depends on the mindset of the manager.

Felons are able to work as customer service associate or pharmacy technician. But they can work at other jobs if the skills are extraordinary.

According to some of Walgreens store managers, being a felon does not disbar you from the opportunities of working.

Application Process At Walgreens

Walgreens has a lot of stores in the States, and each store is operated by its own manager.

  • Prepare the necessary paperwork and documents such as pictures, IDs, and proof of residence.
  • Apply online by using the site, and after applying, go to the store and fill out the skills test which is only available in stores.
  • After applying and filling up the form, ask if the manager is present. If he/she is in, inquire if they are looking for new workers.
  • If your luck is working and they are looking for workers, schedule an interview.

If you got rejected after applying at one store, remember that there are approximately 8,100 more branches. Visit for more details.

Tips To Apply At Walgreens

Over 8,100 stores and each store is independently operated by a manager. Walgreens’ objective is to serve people. Here are some tips to follow:

  • During interviews, never lie about your background. Sooner or later, they will find out about it and it will only make matters worse.
  • If the topic about your felony comes up, take it head on. Present yourself decently and explain your circumstance properly.
  • Change yourself and after you have changed, do your best to convince the manager that you have changed.
  • Show your skills and always do your best in order to assure the manager that he/she didn’t make a mistake in hiring you.

You have a chance to get hired, but that chance will go down to how well you can be. Will you be an asset or an encumbrance? Can you handle the responsibilities ahead you?


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