Does Packaging Corporation of America Hire Felons?

Packaging Corporation of America is a corrugated box manufacturer.  Their headquarters are in Lake Forest, Illinois.  They specialize in packaging solutions for their customers.

Ex-felons are one of the most active groups in the current job market.  Yet they get passed on during the hiring process many times.  Former felons need a second chance to have a successful life like the rest of the population.

About Packaging Corporation of America

Packaging Corporation of America offers a wide range of packaging solutions.  They have corrugated boxes, retail packaging, and custom printing.  They also have a paper division under the Boise Paper brand.

Three companies merged together in 1959 to create Packaging Corporation of America.  The oldest of the three companies can trace its history back to 1867 when Henry Weis opened North Star Mill.

Packaging Corporation of America became a publicly traded company in 2000.   The company has 127 locations across the United States, one in Canada, and one in Hong Kong.  It employs roughly 15,000 people.

Employee benefits include paid time off for vacations, holidays, and sick leave.  A variety of insurances like healthcare, life, vision, and dental are available too.

The pay and benefits that Packaging Corporation of America offers is a big draw according to employee reviews.  A friendly work environment and great co-workers make working here enjoyable.

Does Packaging Corporation of America Hire Felons?

Packaging Corporation of America does hire felons.  Based on our findings, they have decided to take part in the Fair Chance Pledge.

The pledge means that they have removed the “Have you been convicted of a crime?” question from their applications.  This allows the interviewer to focus on the applicants qualifications; not their background.

Does Packaging Corporation of America Run Background Checks?

Packaging Corporation of America does run background checks on potential hires.  Since they take part in the Fair Chance Pledge, this is the first time they become aware of any criminal history.

The background check is only requested for people that the company wants to hire.  This means you passed the interview stage.  The check may include reference verification, criminal history, and social networking investigation.

Careers at Packaging Corporation of America

Most of Packaging Corporation of America’s production facilities run 24 hours.  This gives you opportunities to work first, second, or third shift depending on the job opening.

General Laborer:  Assist with all plant floor jobs and tasks.  Support the manufacturing process to increase productivity and decrease downtime.  Help maintain safe working environments.

Forklift Operator:  Operate the forklift in a safe manner.  Assist shipping and material handling teams to balance workload.  Document movement of materials and production jobs.

Laminator Operator:  Adhere to production schedule and run the machine at the best speed.  Track product quality and machine maintenance.  Offer recommendations to improve cost, quality, and services.

Maintenance Mechanic:  Help with the maintaining facility equipment.  Be able to diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.  Follow lock-out tag-out safety procedures.

Baler Operator:  Work with forklift operators to maintain material flow to the baler.  Verify quality and count accuracy of orders before finalizing for shipping.

Application Process at Packaging Corporation of America

To apply for a job at Packaging Corporation of America, we recommend using their website.  At the bottom of the home page is their employment link.  This page will provide another link to view all available job postings in their company.  Here is a direct link:

Due to the Fair Chance Pledge, you shouldn’t have to worry about the application bringing up your past.  This goes for the interview too.  Take this time to sell who you are and what you can do for their company.

Just because they don’t ask about your past up front doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to them.  Apply for jobs that you are not disqualified for because of your felony.

Highlight your willingness to learn new skills.  Sometimes applying for a lesser paying job opens a path to grow.  Packaging Corporation of America offers some apprentice and intern positions.

The hiring process includes a phone interview.  Brush up on your phone etiquette so that you sound appropriate and professional.

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