Does J.B. Hunt Hire Felons?

J.B. Hunt is a trucking company that specializes in the transportation of goods across North America.  They hire people to perform many jobs across Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Gainful employment is critical for people that have served time as felons.  A good job provides a solid foundation for reentry into a community.

About J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt specializes in moving goods across North America.  They do this by using trucks or contracted train companies.  They hire independent and company truck drivers.

The company incorporated during 1961 in Arkansas.  Johnnie Bryan Hunt founded the company with five trucks and seven trailers.

J.B. Hunt has received recognition for its performance over the years.  For the tenth year in a row, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded them with the SmartWay Excellence Award.  Several transportation publications recognized J.B. Hunt as a leader in sustainability.

Employees of J.B. Hunt enjoy a full line of benefits, including, 401(k) planning, paid time off, and life insurance.  Health insurance includes plans with no pre-existing condition exclusions and free medical consulting.

Workers at J.B. Hunt have noted that employee support staff is very helpful.  Others said the company’s willingness to invest in workers was a huge benefit.  Most J.B. Hunt employees seem to have enjoyed their time working there.

Does J.B. Hunt Hire Felons?

J.B. Hunt has hired felons in the past.  Applicants with convictions that are at least ten years old have the best chance.

In 2013, J.B. Hunt agreed to revise its blanket policy of disqualifying applicants with criminal records.  This indicates that the company will review the conviction as it relates to the specific job.

Does J.B. Hunt Run Background Checks?

They certainly do.  Background checks cover several topics besides prior convictions.  That’s important to remember as you fill out applications.

It is also important to show the company how you have changed since your release.  Show examples of ways you have volunteered in your community.  Include positions of trust you have gained.

Careers at J.B. Hunt

Driving trucks is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for work at J.B. Hunt.  However, there are a lot more opportunities to find work even if you don’t have a commercial driver’s license.

Over the Road Truck Driver- Just like it sounds, this job requires moving goods across the lower 48 states.  Expect a 25-day on/5-day off schedule.  It requires a CDL-A.

Owner Operator Truck Driver- If you want to make more money hauling stuff, you need your own rig.  At more than double the pay of a company driver, owner operators have more control over their routes.

Maintenance- A company that depends on trucks and trailers traveling thousands of miles hires a lot of maintenance people.  Specialties within the position include diesel mechanic, trailer mechanic, and mobile tire mechanic.

Parts Utility- This position is responsible for making sure repair parts are available for mechanics.  This job includes monitoring inventory levels and keeping a safe clean work environment.

Material Handler- The Material Handler stocks and sorts materials while loading and unloading trailers.  They also prepare orders for shipment by gathering items listed on invoices.

Service Writer- The Service Writer keeps track of the administrative side of the shop.  This includes creating repair orders and operating the service desk.

Application Process at J.B. Hunt

There are two ways to look for jobs with J.B. Hunt.  You can search by zip code here.  You can search by job type here.  You will be directed to a pre-qualification page.  This requires basic information about you.

If you are looking for a driving job pay attention to the licensing requirements.  J.B. Hunt offers support in obtaining many of these certifications.  This can be helpful for felons whose licenses may have lapsed.

For other job types, you may need to start at the bottom.  Starting as a Material Handler could be a way to build experience and trust to get into a position in Parts Utility.

Employees and interviewers pointed out a few things to remember when applying for a job with J.B. Hunt.  Be honest and don’t be late. Experience is important. Call back to check on the status of your application. Don’t forget to explain how you have changed since your incarceration.

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