Does Fifth Third Hire Felons?

Fifth Third Bank is an institution with a social conscience. Striving for a better banking experience for customers leads to better experiences for their employees.

But does their social conscience have room for our convicted population? Every person has value in our society and starting over can be hard enough without the extra baggage of past mistakes. Felons deserve a second chance in a society that believes individuals make mistakes but can also overcome all obstacles.

About Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank is a financial institution looking to make the community around them a better place through smart investments and service projects. Like many banks, Fifth Third offers multiple individual and business accounts and services through their locations in 10 states.

Founded in 1858 by William Scarborough at the Bank of the Ohio Valley, the vision was to use sound banking principles and customer service to improve the lives of those in the community. Over 150 years later the bank is continuing this vision with investments into low-income communities.

Currently Fifth Third boasts 20,000 employees throughout 10 states and 1,200 banking locations. Each year the company takes time to issue a public report on the corporate social responsibility project. The report shows the actions to be socially responsive and responsible within their communities.

This social responsibility is also seen in the benefits provided to their employees. Such programs as Domestic Partner benefits, Alternative work arrangements, and Adoption support are key benefits. Other options are available to employees for their health benefits and additional supports are offered to expecting and new mothers.

Does Fifth Third Bank Hire Felons?

Our research found that the bank does not answer this question on their site, and it is unclear if they accept any records. Other sources answer this question with “no”.

Fifth Third shares information on their support and investment in companies that provide second-chance programs. Article links are provided on multiple pages of their site for many community involvement activities.

Does Fifth Third Bank run background checks?

As with most banks, Fifth Third must follow federal regulations and take precautions to safeguard their customers. A background check, drug test and fingerprinting are customary to work within U.S. banks.

Careers at Fifth Third Bank

Working with a forward-thinking institution such as Fifth Third Bank can be a rewarding experience for any employee. The opportunities to share in diversity and community support are some ways of maintaining the important values of those it serves.

Traditional teller and mortgage lender opportunities abound on the career site. Most job options require a customer service style background and good communication skills. The ability to process and respect confidential information is a must in the industry and remains important in the work done.

More advanced positions such as Commercial Banker and Sales Analyst information can also be found on the career site. Jobs can be sorted by location or category within the company to find the best fit more easily.

Not sure which career path is right for you? Communication channels are available with Fifth Thirds recruiters to speak about any accommodations or questions you might have.

Application Process at Fifth Third

Fifth Third has you covered in the application process by sharing a breakdown of the expectation on their career page. After submitting your online application, you will finish with a two-step process before hearing from one of the talented recruiters. If you fit the qualifications, you can look forward to an interview and if selected will be contacted with an offer and additional instructions.

Fifth Third recommend preparing for an interview by doing your own research on the company and position. They acknowledge individuals who are invested in their own futures.

Come to your interview or meeting prepared. Do you know where you’re going, if you’ll need meter money, or if there is active construction that will slow your commute? The hiring manager will be looking to greet you by name and being prepared will put you at greater ease through the process.

As you prepare, think about questions that are important to you. The hiring managers encourage relevant and informed questions.

Be sure to be on time for your interview or any other appointments. They are looking for the best candidate and punctuality to a meeting will be very important to your customers as well.

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