Does Ford Motor Company Hire Felons?

Ford Motor Company, more commonly known as Ford, is an automaker based in America that was founded in Dearborn, Michigan. They are the second-largest U.S. based automaker and the fifth-largest in the world.

Everybody makes mistakes. The only problem is that a record makes it difficult for some people to get hired for the same jobs as others. We try to give felons the best chance when they apply for jobs. So let’s see if Ford Motor Company hires felons.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford is known for selling automobiles and commercial vehicles under two brands in the United States: Ford and Lincoln. They also have stakes and joint-ventures in countries like China, Thailand, Russia, and more.

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford back in 1903. The family is still in control of the company, owning a minority share but having the majority of the power when it comes to voting on the company’s decision.

Ford was the eleventh-ranked American based company on the Fortune 500 list in 2018. With almost 200,000 employees, many people around the United States have called Ford their workplace.

Ford is known to offer a comprehensive medical plan that includes Dental and Vision Coverage. The company offers a 401(k) match up to 5% of your salary, discounts on car purchases, two to three weeks paid vacation a year along with paid holidays.

People also like working here because they offer flexible working hours. Paid holidays and things like paternity leave and availability to go on sabbatical are other reasons that employees like working for Ford Motor Company.

Does Ford Motor Company Hire felons?

From researching several different sources, we have found that Ford does hire felons. On their culture page, they state they are an equal opportunity employer and all applicants will receive consideration for employment.

This means that they should focus more on your skills and experience than your past to factor into whether hiring you for a position or not. This can always change on a case-to-case basis though.

Does Ford Motor Company Run Background Checks?

Yes, Ford does run background checks. These checks usually happen after the interview process but before starting employment at your assigned workplace.

The background check process can differ on a case-by-case basis but we have found that it usually takes about one to two weeks. We have found some extreme cases where it took up to a month for certain background checks to go through.

Careers at Ford Motor Company

Being one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, Ford has lots of positions available throughout the year. Lots of these positions are entry-level which you can apply for.

One entry-level position is working on an assembly line putting together the vehicles or components. This is an Hourly Production Team Member.

Skills needed are being able to work as a team, following instructions, and keeping a safe work environment. One of their primary focuses is their employee safety so they want people who won’t be risky hires in their assembly line.

Another entry-level position could be an Automotive Service Technician. This requires some knowledge and skills beforehand on the technician side of vehicles but if you have these skills, it could definitely fit for you.

If you have past experience as a mechanic or technician, this could be one of your best opportunities to get a second chance in the workforce.

One last position that you could apply for is being a Sales Professional. Being in sales does require good communication skills and knowledge of the vehicles, but could also be the fastest way to a great income out of these three.

Application Process at Ford Motor Company

If you’re looking to apply to Ford, you can start by going to their careers website here. On that site, it gives you more information about the benefits and awards they have along with the positions open in your area.

To apply online, set up an account with your email and upload your resume. Make sure that your resume is altered to fit with the job that you are applying for within Ford.

One tip to help you land a job could be to find someone you already know that works at Ford to put as a referral on the application. This could show that someone knows you under their umbrella already that could vouch for your hard work and dependability.

Also, don’t be afraid to apply at a dealership if you would consider working at it based on things like commute and available hours.

A hiring manager will be more impressed by someone that comes in to introduce themselves than someone who applies through a corporate website. This will make a great first impression.

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