Does Comcast Hire Felons?

Comcast Corporation is a conglomerate headquartered in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. The American telecommunications company is one of the largest cable and broadcasting television companies in the world.

When it comes to having a record, it’s very easy for other people (and employers) to cast judgments without understanding each person’s situation and not stereotyping everyone. That’s why we help out felons to give them a second chance when applying for jobs. So let’s look into if Comcast hires felons.

About Comcast

The entire corporation is split into a couple of different sectors in the business world. Comcast owns and operates Xfinity and Comcast Business which is there residential and commercial cable and internet services provider. They operate different cable channels including NBC, CNBC, and the USA Network among others. Another big part of their company is the film studio Universal Pictures and their respective theme parks.

In 1969, Ralph J. Roberts started Comcast Corporation in Pennsylvania and launched its initial public offering on June 29th, 1972. In 2002, Comcast became the largest cable television company in the United States with 22 million subscribers.

As of December 2019, Comcast has 184,000 employees throughout all their different sectors in the market. They have locations throughout the entire country and any area should be able to find some location near them.

One of the great ways Comcast takes care of their employees is through their benefits. They offer Medical & Dental, 401(k) programs, perks and discount programs and lots more. They also offer their employees free digital TV and internet as well, which helps you get familiar with their services.

People like working for Comcast because of the healthy benefits packages they give to customers and the ability to work a lot because Comcast needs people working for them 24/7.

Does Comcast Hire Felons?

From researching several different sources, we’ve found that Comcast will hire felons. Comcast believes that every application and situation is different so they handle it on an individual basis if you apply.

With that being said, this means that they could take your situation and record into consideration and base your employment on it. This along with your experience and skills you bring to the table will ultimately decide on your employment with Comcast.

Does Comcast Run Background Checks?

Yes, Comcast does run background checks. These checks usually happen after the interview process but before starting employment at your assigned workplace.

The background check process usually takes one to two weeks but in some cases, we’ve found them take up to a month before they followed through with the hiring process.

Careers at Comcast

Since they are the biggest television company in the United States, some of their most sought after positions involve dealing with their huge customer base.

One of the positions you can apply for is Customer Experience Representative. This is a support role where you help customers with the problems they have. You need to have problem-solving skills and a high school diploma or equivalent.

Another position is Product Sales Support. This is a sales role where you contact customers and sell them digital packages Comcast offers. This position requires people and sales skills to be able to hold a conversation while also selling to the customer. A high school diploma or equivalent is needed for this as well.

Comcast also has some positions as warehouse workers. Working in a warehouse involves receiving products, sorting them, and packing and shipping them to the next place they need to be.

The last entry-level position at Comcast is being an associate at one of their Xfinity stores. Working here involves selling Xfinity to customers coming in and taking on problems that customers bring to you like malfunctions with cable boxes and other Xfinity technology.

One thing that almost all entry-level workers at Comcast need is availability. Comcast seems to need people at all times including weekend and overtime labor so if you can put in extra time, you will be prioritized.

Application Process at Comcast

If you want to apply to work for Comcast, you can check out their careers website here. On that site, you’re able to search based on location, by team, or just search in general. It also gives you more information about the benefits and awards they have.

In your application, make sure that you are truthful about your past. Our research shows that as long as you’re upfront about your past, they understand as long as you can give some insight and show them how you’ve changed/grown since that time in your life.

If they ask about it in the interview, make sure you are honest about your past and explain to them how this experience has made you a better person as the outcome.

Change your resume depending on which position you are applying for in the company. If you are going for the customer support role, talk about how you’re a problem solver in your resume.

If you’re going for the sales role, talk about past sales experience or how much of a conversationalist you are. Bring up times that you had to overcome something in a previous job.

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