Does Jack in the Box Hire Felons?

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant primarily on the West Coast of the United States. They have a variety of chicken and french fries along with burger and taco options.

Everybody has a past but some of ours come with a little more baggage than others. We help out felons that are looking for jobs because we understand that every situation is different. Employers shouldn’t be stereotyping everyone with a bad past and we want to help you without judgment. With that in mind, let’s talk about Jack in the Box.

About Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is one of the top fast-food restaurants in the west coast area of the United States.

Robert O. Peterson founded Jack in the Box in 1951. Their headquarters are located in San Diego, California.

Jack in the Box has over 2,200 restaurants across the country with around 22,000 employees. Although they mainly are located in the southwest region, they have been strategically opening stores across the nation for the last decade to try to expand nationally.

Eligible Jack in the Box employees also receives employment benefits packages consisting of healthcare options. Employees can also receive life insurance and 401(k) retirement plans.  Jack in the Box offers paid career growth programs designed to train workers into becoming full-time managers. Workers receive paid training upon hire and gain access to food and drink discounts.

People like working here because of the ability to work part-time and the level of difficulty going to work. Jack in the Box isn’t as difficult and doesn’t have extra requirements like other jobs may have which would help anyone who’s looking to get any kind of work.

Does Jack in the Box Hire Felons?

From researching several different sources, we have found that Jack in the Box has hired felons in the past. We have found different people stating that they have worked or are working at Jack in the Box while they have a record.

We want to state that just because there are people out there that have gotten a job doesn’t mean every location will have an open mind. Jack in the Box has also been known to take into consideration the type of felony conviction and the length of time since completion of the sentence.

Does Jack in the Box Run Background Checks?

Yes, Jack in the Box runs background checks. A background check will be run for anyone who is being considered for a position. These checks usually happen after the interview process but before starting employment at your assigned workplace.

Most background checks only took a couple of days to complete but in some cases, we did find a few instances where it took a couple of weeks before the hiring process was started.

Careers at Jack in the Box

At Jack in the Box, the basic (and only) entry-level job is being a team member. You don’t even need a high school diploma or equivalent to be hired. They also don’t require you to have any related job experience.

The different tasks you may be asked to do as a team member is run the register, cook the food, or run the drive-thru. Most of these are pretty simple jobs with just a little necessary training.

All they’re looking for is someone that is willing to work in their fast-food restaurant with a good attitude.

Make sure that you’re able to understand a register or follow directions to cook the food and you should be fine with the job responsibilities of a team member.

Jack in the Box is more focused on finding hard-working individuals over anyone people that have past experience in the fast-food industry. If you’re able to work hard, that is a big advantage for them hiring you.

Also, tell them that you will focus on providing great customer service to their customers. Fast-food employers want their customers to be happy leaving the establishment. This leaves a good thought in their mind and makes the customers want to come back for more.

Application Process

You can check their company’s website to see if there are any job openings available in your area. All you have to do is put in your city and state and it will tell you if there is any availability around you.

One thing that can set you out from the crowd is going in and applying in person and talking to a manager.

Make sure that you create a resume that shows off your ability to do the main duties on the job. Use words like “hard-working” and “friendly to customers” in your resume to show them the qualities they’re looking for.

You want to show the staff that you are customer-focused, efficient, timely, and responsible. They would rather this over someone without these qualities.

Answer questions honestly if they ask about your past and share stories about how you’ve grown since then.

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