Does C&S Wholesale Grocers Hire Felons?

Former felons have the right to be employed once they are released from prison. Under the law, they are considered to have paid for their crimes by serving their time in prison.

The objective of releasing former inmates back to society is to make sure that they become good and responsible citizens. The only way that this could happen is if society lets them have jobs.

About C&S Wholesale Grocers

Originally a delivery service, C&S Wholesale Grocers is now one of the most recognized grocery stores in the United States, and is continuously expanding year after year.

C&S Wholesale Grocers was founded in 1928 by Abraham Siegel and Israel Cohen. The company started originally as a delivery service to local stores in Massachusetts.

Today, the company is found in 16 states with more than 6,000 locations. The company currently has more than 2,000 employees and the number is expected to rise.

Employees cite the numerous benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, a retirement plan, and a competitive salary as some of the benefits that employees receive from C&S Wholesale Grocers.

People enjoy working at C&S Wholesale Grocers because of its friendly and growth encouraging environment. Employees also say that the store is a positive working environment.

Does C&S Wholesale Grocers Hire Felons?

According to employee accounts and various online sources, C&S Wholesale Grocers accepts applications from ex-convicts. The hiring manager will run a background check that can go as far back as seven years into your employment and incarceration history.

The hiring managers at C&S Wholesale Grocers consider the nature of the felony as the most important factor when they consider an ex-convict’s application.

C&S Wholesale Grocers’s hiring managers do not usually consider the length of incarceration. They are more keen on determining the cause of incarceration.

As with any aspiring employee, former felon applicants also have a chance to be hired for an entry-level position at C&S Wholesale Grocers. Managerial positions are only open as a form of promotion from an entry-level job.

Application Process At C&S Wholesale Grocers

You can find a lot of career opportunities when you visit the company website at Here are some reminders:

  • The career website will guide you in submitting your application. Just remember to ensure that your information is always updated.
  • Make sure that you check the location you are applying for.
  • Some jobs require applicants to be degree holders, so make sure that you check those out as well.

Tips For Applying At C&S Wholesale Grocers

The hiring manager will definitely ask about your incarceration history. Therefore, do not be surprised if the hiring manager asks you a question regarding this.

Since C&S Wholesale Grocers checks the background of all applicants, it would be useless to lie about your imprisonment. The hiring manager will find out and you will not be entertained anymore if you are found lying.

Treat the question about your former incarceration as with any typical pre-employment questions you have so far encountered. Be confident and be honest about it.

Try to focus the way to talk about your incarceration history on what you have learned when you were in prison. Tell the hiring manager how you have changed from your old ways and how you can be an asset to C&S Wholesale Grocers due to your experience.

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